Doing Grace

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 95

Categories: Comedy, Family, Prayer, Sermon Starter
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Taking the act of grace lightly. A delightful comedy that finds the "pray-er" discussing grace with God. Saying all the right things still doesn't mean anything until we talk to God with our hearts and understanding.

What are we thankful for?

Have a table at center stage with a coke and a bag of chips.

Sample of script:

Actor sits down at table, picks up food, goes to eat then hesitates, looks up, quickly gets into praying position.

Ginny: For what I’m about to eat, Lord, make . . . .

God: Looks like junk food to me; let’s see, there’s chips, a coke, . . . .

Ginny: I beg your pardon! Just who asked you to butt in? Who are you anyways?

God: Me, butt in? Who am I?

Ginny: Little Sir Echo, aren’t you? Now, then. You are, who, exactly?

God: Read the message over your table.

Ginny: The what?

God: Table. You know, the one you’ve got your elbows on right now.

Ginny: What gives with your comments? After all, you’re not my father!

God: A lot of folks would challenge you on that, but I’ll let it go for now. Now, then, you were asking me who I am.

Ginny: Yah, and you were talking some mumbo-jumbo about a message over my table.

God: Look up. Look way up! On the wall.

Ginny, looks upward: Oh, that, the wall sign. Dad gave me that when I left home.

God: What does it say?

Ginny: Say?

God: And now who’s the echo?

Ginny: Well, it says, “Dear heavenly Father, give us this day our daily bread.”

God: So, I’m here.

Ginny: You are, you mean, heavenly . . . . f a t h e r??

God: Don’t need a load of bricks to drop on your head, do you?

Ginny: Eeeeeeyah! All right! You sure are here, aren’t you?

God: Isn’t that what the wall sign asked for?

Ginny: Well, actually, the sign thing, that was my dad’s idea.

God: You hung it up there. Matter of fact I recall you calling out my name, just when the hammer missed the nail and hit your finger.

Ginny: You heard that, didn’t you?

God: I’m in the listening business.

Ginny: You mean like all the time, listening?

God: Some of the things I could remind you of!

Ginny: Ooooops!

God: Listen, that’s not why.

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