DramaShare Premium Package

DramaShare Premium Package

$149.00 (USD) / year for 1 year



    You now get 12 months unlimited supply of our 2,000+ totally free DramaShare scripts, Plus the 6 most popular DramaShare HOW-TO Manuals (Reg price $200 now just $100!).


    • DramaShare Organizational: A well researched downloadable manual for use in your ministry, with all of the necessary information which you will need to initiate or revitalize your dramatic arts ministry: from organizing a drama ministry, through training your actors, directors, writers and the entire team, right through to script selection, rehearsal programming, leadership and training.
    • DramaTech Technical manual: Great information on sound, lighting, sets, backdrops, props and more.
    • DramaClub Training Manual: The DramaClub Training Manual has been an outstanding success, being actively used for over 6 years in training Christian dramatic arts ministries in 42 countries around the world.
    • Improving through Improv-ing: Tutorial on the use of improv exercises and games as a training and motivational tool in drama 175+ games and exercises for your group.
    • Countdown to CurtainUp: A guide to orderly planning, rehearsing and performing Christian drama written for the novice or experienced director
    • Team Devotion in Worship and Drama Rehearsals: we must never forget the importance of staying in tune with He who is the reason for the performances. Making devotions a standard component in every rehearsal and meeting brings a visible reminder of the fact that the Worship or Creative Arts ministry is just that, a ministry, and that ministry is, and must be, grounded in worshiping God.

    The information in these manuals has been developed over the past 25 years during which DramaShare has worked in our own smaller church, and now is using in over 6,000 churches of all sizes in 74 countries around the world.

    Manuals are subject to change due to updates or customer requests.

    Special Offer for our Premium members

    Premium Members receive a 20% discount on membership renewals (regularly priced). Simply renew your membership when the time comes and your discount will be applied.

    Also with your Premium Membership, when you have chosen the DramaShare script that seems to work perfectly for your needs . . . But maybe you need a little tweak to say, “MY church” or “MY school” or “MY town” . . . . ‘Cause you want to turn “Good” into “RIGHT ON!” . . Right?

    Give us a little advance warning, DramaShare will make sure your audiences see it was written specifically for them! .  . As it will be! Please contact us for more information, giving the name of the script and full info on changes requested.

    DramaShare wants your performance to be the very best ever, tweaked for YOUR audiences. This personal service to you is where DramaShare really shines & amazes, changing a few details, turning ordinary into extraordinary and script written for “general purposes” into something tailored exactly for your audience experience!

    Join with thousands of drama enthusiasts around the world, as we seek to serve the Lord, dramatically!

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