Drawing Nigh Advent

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Bible Reference: Luke 2

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5 individual Christmas advent readings and accompanying dramas for the Sundays leading up to Christmas, and Christmas Eve. Can be done as readings only or dramas only, but particularly effective as a package.

Sample of script:Note one reading and one script are shown here from the total of 5 readings and 5 scripts.

1st Sunday of Advent

Reader 1: Today is a special day to Christians throughout the world. Today marks the beginning of the Christmas season. As people grounded in faith and tradition, we call this season Advent.
The first candle is lit.

Reader 2: Advent means "to come, to draw nigh". We think of Advent from the perspective of those two thousand years ago, who came to the first Christmas. People like Mary and Joseph coming to Bethlehem! Or the shepherds coming to the stable, the wise men coming from the far away Eastern lands.

Reader 3: But so it is with us also at this season, as we, the people of God, begin again "drawing nigh to, or coming toward" Christmas. Advent signals you and I coming to Christmas.

Reader 1: What do you mean, you and I coming? We are not going to Bethlehem.

Reader 2: Not physically to Bethlehem, but, in a way, we have the Christmas journey to make, too, a journey to Christmas, a "coming to" the Christ event.

Reader 3: And as the Advent season brings about preparations to ready for the Christmas season, so we too have some preparations to make within ourselves, for without these preparations, Christmas simply does not happen for us, and in us.

Reader 1: Preparations for the Christmas season? Within ourselves? What preparations do we need to make within ourselves?

Reader 2: Preparations like making room for Christ, not just in our Christmas, but in our thinking.

Reader 3: Preparations like singing carols, but more, listening to what they have to say to us, today.

Reader 2: And preparations like looking up into the winter stars, and, with childlike wonder and awe, thinking about what that first Advent, the first awaiting, really meant.

Reader 3: Preparations like every heart preparing Him room. At the Christmas season. All throughout the year.

Reader 1: This first candle reminds us that Advent is a time of individual and corporate preparation. Let every heart prepare him room, in the days of Advent that lie ahead. May each of us sense that something important is about to happen, may we prepare for that happening, and may we be a part of that happening.

The following is a sample of the 5 drama scripts:


Drama illustrates the faith of the Advent season.
Useful at any time of year.

Duration: 4 minutes

2 people (male or female)
Note – actors would be sitting on chairs, miming driving in a car.

Sample of script:

#1: All right! Here we go then, off to the mountains!

#2: Yeh, man, this will be great! Do we have everything we need?

#1: Everything! Here’s our food, I got money out of the bank, we have a big jug of fresh water, flashlights, tent, sleeping bags, here’s my map.

#2: Map? Let me see that.

#1: Wow, look at those beautiful mountains! See, way up there?

#2: All I see is that sign, “Beware Of Falling Rocks”! Yikes, see those rocks up there, just ready to roll down on us!

#1: “Ready to roll down on us”, what do you mean?

#2: Look, if there wasn’t a danger of the rocks falling, they wouldn’t have put the sign up! Of course the rocks are ready to roll down on us!

#1: Well, I mean, sure there’s a chance of the rocks falling down . .

#2: See! Even you admit it! The rocks are going to fall on us! We will be killed! Oh, why did we ever come to the mountains?

#1: Why did we come? We came to enjoy the beautiful scenery, that’s why! See, down there, a lovely lake! And up there, on the side of that mountain, a mountain goat!

#2: That’s all we need! When that mountain goat moves it’ll start an avalanche of rocks! Oh, we’re just as good as dead, right now!

#1: Look, this is no way to enjoy mountain driving, worrying about every rock you see, wanting to stop every time a rock looks like it might fall!

#2: Oh, sure, smart guy! And just what do you suggest?

#1: Well, of course we need to be wise, observe the signs, be cautious, but we need to make the decision not to worry about falling rocks, and just enjoy our drive through the mountains. After all, our worrying has absolutely no effect on the rocks, but the rocks can sure have a tremendous effect on us, and on how we enjoy our holiday. We just need faith that God will see us through.

#2: You know, I never thought about it that way! We do need faith, don’t we? And, after all, thousands of people travel this mountain road every day. Kind of silly of me, wasn’t it?

#1: Sure was, besides, they say that they have only have rock slides every three years.

#2: Are you serious, every three years. Hey, that does make me feel better! (pause) Every three years. Wonder when the last rock slide happened?

#1: Three years ago!

#2 starts screaming

#1: I’m kidding! It was a joke! A joke, OK?

Lights out.

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