Extreme Forgiveness

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:35 min.

Bible Reference: Colossians 3:13

Categories: Comedy, Valentines/Love
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Join Lisa, Mary and the gang as they sort out in this comedy skit just what Jesus meant when He said forgiving means forgetting and not keeping a journal that could run up to 490 times being forgiven. A look at one of the parables Jesus used for teaching. A drama about love. Forgiving versus forgetting, learning to pattern our forgiving after that which Jesus shows us. Jesus wants us to forgive without counting because we all need forgiveness. Jesus showed mercy and forgiveness to a woman who was caught in sin and we hear Jesus teaching about forgiveness, Jesus is merciful and forgives us.

Cast: Three actors any age, male or female.

Props: laptop computer (or reasonable facsimile) and long extension cord

Sample of script:

Anne comes on stage with laptop in hand, mumbling to herself, typing into laptop
Anne: OK, that’s 3 times. Oh, yes, and she told me my dress was very purple, that makes 4. Oh, I just about forgot that time when her Dad drove by and splashed me as I rode my bike through the water, that would be 5. Let’s see, oh, how could I forget when her dog chewed my favorite ball when I accidentally left it on her lawn that night. Now we are up to 6. Think! Think Anne! There was lots more. Let’s see now . . . .
Jim comes on stage, watches as Anne talks to herself.
Anne: And I’m sure not going to forget when she dropped her chocolate ice cream cone on my brand new dress, I sure did like that dress, (types), let’s see that’s 7.
Jim: What are you doing, talking to yourself, Anne?
Anne: Oh, hi Jim. I’m forgiving my friend Lisa for the rotten things she has done to me.
Jim: Forgiving her? Doesn’t sound much like forgiving. Sounds more like you are remembering all the rotten things she has done.
Anne: How can you say that? I am obeying God.
Jim: Obeying God?
Anne: Yep.
Jim: God told you that you are supposed to remember all the rotten things Lisa has done to you?
Anne: No, God tells us to forgive those who do rotten things to us, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.
Jim: But you are counting all of them, I don’t understand how that helps you forgive.
Anne: It’s in the Bible, you can read it for yourself.
Jim: God tells us in the Bible to count out all the things people do to hurt us?
Anne: Yes, well, not in so many words, you have to kind of translate into modern day English.
Jim: And you have had someone translate for you?
Anne: No, why would I do that, I can translate as well as the next person.
Jim: Well, how about we have it in “so many words”? Exactly which Bible passage are you thinking about?
Anne: Its in Matthew, Chapter 18, I’ll even read it for you: (reads from Bible) ”Then Peter came and said to Him, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.” (closes Bible, smirks at Jim) See, its right there in the Bible. Told you so. Now then, where was I again?
Jim: So you are going to count up seven times Lisa has done something wrong?
Anne: Not too likely! I am going with what Jesus told me in His Word. I’m going to forgive Lisa 490 times.
Jim: I know I shouldn’t ask this but you came up with the number 490 by . . .
Anne: . . by multiplying seventy times seven, of course!

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