Cast Number: 8

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: 1Peter 5:8

Categories: Mime
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The temptation and addiction to destructive lifestyles such as drugs and alcohol shows the power of the devil, but there is an answer in Jesus

Props: beer bottle (bottle that resembles beer bottle)
5 chairs
joint (rolled piece of paper that resembles this)
mirror with white powder on it (this is to resemble someone doing crack)
short straw (for the crack)
needle (or something to resemble someone shooting up crack)(it also needs to have fluid in it)

1 devil (silent through the whole skit)
4 people to do the drugs (remain motionless until the devil says something to them and they do the drugs and go motionless again until end of skit.)
1 Christian (also remains motionless until end)

Sample of script:

scene opens up with 5 chairs setup with people sitting in them.

The devil should be in the back but noticeable.
in the first chair person snorting crack.
in the second chair person drinking beer.
in the third chair person smoking.
in the fourth chair person shooting up.
in the fifth chair person holding bible and he is the Christian.

Behind the first chair the devil walks up behind the person just holding the mirror and says something in his ear.
The person starts snorting crack for a moment and when the devil walks off, then he stops and becomes motionless again.
The devil then moves behind the second chair and says something to him and the person starts to move and drinks his beer.
(the devil should be laughing at him) when the devil moves the person becomes motionless again.
The devil then moves behind the third chair and says something in his ear and the person starts moving and starts smoking.
(devil laughs harder and harder every time) when the devil moves the person becomes motionless again.

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