Faith of Many Colors

Cast Number: 48

Run-time:120 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 35-47

Categories: African-American scripts, Easter, Music Enhanced Scripts
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Easily staged eleven act presentation based on the life of Old Testament Joseph, followed by a Maundy Thursday Upper Room presentation. The two parts show the symbolism of the life of Joseph, and how his sacrifices, in a smaller manner, mirror the earthly life of Jesus.
Between each scene there is a three part narration, and the drama ends with a human video, (mime to music), of the “I've Just Seen Jesus” song by Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris. (Written script only, no video or music).
Parts could be doubled up and many, (with the more obvious “brother” and “disciple” exceptions), could be male or female, any age.
An option is available whereby the Upper Room scene could terminate at the same “foot washing” point as does the story of Joseph. This would also reduce the length of the drama.

Set: May be as elaborate or plain as desired/available.
All acts take place on a similar type of stage therefore very minimal, (or no), scene changes are required. Where scene or backdrop changes are done, this can be hidden by bringing spotlights down during the narration.
Simple backdrops may be used to depict home of Jacob versus opulence of the dwellings of Potiphar and of Pharaoh, and the starkness of the prison.
The table which will be featured in the final Upper Room scene can be in the background throughout all acts.

Cast: 48 (could be expanded or doubled up)
13 for brothers and father
13 for Jesus and 12 disciples
4 women in Jacob’s family (to act as mid-teen to 40ish)
Potiphar and wife Asenath (likely middle age or older)
2 guards (likely teen to 20s) (used as Potiphar & Pharaoh’s guards)
Cupbearer and Baker
Martha (Mary’s sister)
Mary (mother of James the Younger)
actors for human video (5 or more)
3 narrators

NOTE: much duplication of roles can (and likely should) be done between the cast of Joseph’s family and Jesus’ followers. Combining the 13 actors would result in a total of 35 actors or less.

Lighting: standard with a spotlight, if possible, to darken stage between acts

Sound: amplification as available

Song: “I've Just Seen Jesus” song by Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris.

Visual Effects: animation of clouds moving

Costumes: traditional Biblical clothing
Joseph’s coat of many colors, torn with blood stains

Props: table for Last Supper, complete with food, chairs

Script sample:

Opening Narration:

offstage voices in the darkness
Visual F/X: animation of clouds moving

Narrator1: This is the story of two men.
Two men, flesh and blood, who walked this earth.
Two men to whom were assigned incredible responsibilities
Two men with seemingly humanly impossible tasks.
Two men to whom the love of God was applied equally, but displayed uniquely
(slight pause)
Two men . . . .
(slight pause)
Similar yet worlds apart:
(slight pause)
Both men were greatly loved by their fathers.

Narrator2: Joseph, beloved son of Jacob.

Narrator 3: Jesus, beloved son of God.

Narrator1: Two men who were both servant and savior

Narrator2: Joseph, a recruited servant who lived to be an unintentional savior.

Narrator3: Jesus, an eager servant who died to be a deliberate savior.

Narrator1: Two men of great faith.

Narrator2: Joseph, whose daily life required his faith in the God outside himself.

Narrator2: Jesus, whose death and resurrection validated our faith that he was God himself.

Narrator1: Two men whose circumstances colored the fabric of their faith.

Narrator2: Joseph, became daily more convinced of the breadth of God’s holiness.

Narrator2: Jesus, who came to earth to know first hand humanity’s need for redemption.

Narrator1: Two men in whose life we see a faith of many colors.
Two . . . men . . .