Faith Of Our Leaders

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Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Hebrews 13:7

Categories: Family, Father, Seniors
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seniors, faith, In this monologue the author of Hebrews is quoted as saying "don't get carried away". The advice means to learn from the past. Listen to our leaders. Shun the fads. Go with what in known and proven effective. Always listen to God and His teachings and we won't go wrong.

Sample of script:

Actor walks on stage

Actor: Welcome to the new millennium! Oh, yes, I know, we have been in the new millennium for some time now. But it is very much new! A millennium! A thousand years! When you think of it from that perspective you realize that the time spent so far in this millennium is as the blink of an eye. A brief fleeting second. We have traveled from the old age of the former millennium to the infancy of this new millennium.

This new millennium, a time to be young, right? A time for youth to rise up and take ownership of this new world, to create a new world order.Well, yes, it is a time for youth. Just as last year was a time for youth. (point to person in audience) And, just as the time of your childhood was a time for youth.

(point to another person) And yours. (point to another person) And yours. (point to yourself) And mine.

Youth have a very special role to play in man’s evolving earthly significance. Youth brings a fresh new outlook to life, a willingness to seek new and uncharted paths, to blaze new trails in the forests and fields of our world, in the indulgence and understanding of our mind.

And this is as it should be. The age old cry, “Oh, to be young!” Oh, to feel the invincibility and immortality of being young! What wouldn’t we all give to once more be nine years old, (short pause) or 19, (longer pause) or 39!

The youthful capability to feel the God-given freshness of a “new page-like” existence, the knowledge that this fresh new slate has untapped and unlimited potential to sail forth into the new realities of this new millennium.

So, the new millennium is for the young, right?To find some answers I would like to take us to one of my favorite books of the Bible, that being Hebrews. Hebrews is a very interesting book, more like a sermon than the letter which it really was. In my mind, when I read the epistle of Hebrews, if I may refer to it as that, I notice a very different style from some of the other epistles in the New Testament. Compare the opening verse of Philemon to the first verse of Hebrews.

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