Fashioned Into His Likeness

Fashioned Into His Likeness

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  • Cast Number: 13
  • Run Time: 20


An elderly Christian grandmother has passed away in the presence of her young, loved and loving teenage granddaughter, a shocking happening for a young person. The teen’s mother and a family friend come home and all try to grapple with the sudden and unexpected death. The scene becomes a bit unusual when the now-deceased lady talks to the granddaughter, unheard by the others. The theme is being fashioned in the likeness of a person, or in Jesus. An easily staged skit with some humor, take care that death is not treated lightly.

Cast:   4 women (could be men with some altering of script)

  • Gran, (indicated as VoG when unheard by Audrey & Judy), an elderly dead woman, (not a typo) with spoken lines
  • Jenna, teenage granddaughter (VoJ when unheard by Audrey & Judy)
  • Audrey, Jenna’s mother, Gran’s daughter
  • Judy

 Time:  20 minutes, a family friend

 Set:  likely blank stage with the bed at upstage with a person, or what appears to be a body on it, chairs. Could be dressed up to appear to be a bedroom
Lighting: some lighting control to mask the bed would be useful
Costumes: standard clothing, if Gran moves about the stage she would wear a nightgown
Bible Reference: Isaiah 61:10

Special Instructions:
We want to be very careful to not cause any thought of taking death lightly or making a mockery of it. Rather we wish to offer a strong Christian message which will be attractive and acceptable to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Option I is to hear Gran’s voice, which will only be heard by the audience and Jenna

Option II is as above but Gran will get up of the bed and discreetly move (seen only by Jenna) among the others. Use this option only if your actors can be VERY careful not to make an unreal scene look disgraceful and mocking, it will take some practice to make this work. Gram MUST appear to be seen by only Jenna and TOTALLY unnoticed by others. Make sure there is space for Gram to move about.


Sample of script:

Jenna is onstage, slowly walking back and forth, wiping away tears, very emotional

Jenna moves to bed, starts to cry, moves back downstage, paces, looks at watch

Jenna:    Oh Gran, why?
Why did you have to . . ?
Doctors said you were getting your strength back!
(looks at watch, reacts, annoyed)
Mother, where are you? . . .
I called you . . . (looks at watch again) . . . OK, so it was only 10 minutes ago, but you should be here! Mom, you need to be here!
Mother, why did you leave me alone with Gran, I mean, like she is your Mother after all!
OK, so I told you to go, told you I would be fine, alone here with Gran!
But how was I to know she would . . .
I have spent more time with Gran in the last few years than you, more than anyone! . . .
But . . .
(starts to cry, angry)
Why did Gran have to go and die?
And you left me alone Mother!
And you should have known . .  .
I mean, I am just a kid, Mother, why did you . . ?
Gran, why did you have to die?
I mean, with just me here and all?

Audrey comes rushing on stage, hugs Jenna

Jenna:   You should have been here Mom! . . . It wasn’t right, me here alone with Gran! . . I am just a kid Mom and . . .

Audrey:   Oh Jen I am so very sorry! . . .
We thought . . . We all thought . . .

Jenna:   But Mom, you are the adult, adults are supposed to know . .
(Jenna start to cry uncontrollably)
We were just talking, joking, laughing, and . . . and she took a big breath and . . .
And she was gone!

Audrey, smiling through tears, holding Jenna:
How beautiful!

Jenna, angry  Mother! . . . My grandmother, . . . your mother, . . . is dead! . . . What is wonderful about that?

Audrey:   Sweetheart . . . I wish I had of been here when Gran passed. But she was with her best friend . . . you, dear one! . . . She loved her time with you!

Jenna, angry  But, Mom, I am a kid!

Audrey:    Jen, you are only (actual age) years old, but to Gran, and to me as well, you are (age) going on 35. She loved and worshipped the person you are, and there is no one she would rather be with when she went home to her Lord than you!

Judy comes onstage, hugs Audrey

Judy:    I heard about your Mom, Audrey, so sorry!
(moves to Jenna, hugs)
Jenna, I know how close you were to your grandmother, I feel so . . .

Audrey:  Jen was with Mom when she passed away.

Judy, hugs JennaOh Jenna, I know how that must have been . . .

Jenna:    OK, so you have been with someone when she dies? . . . I mean with someone really close to you and . . .

Judy, shock:    I’m sorry Jenna, I didn’t mean, . . . I mean . . .

Audrey:  Judy . . . Jenna . . . It’s been a rough day for everyone . . . especially you Jenna.

Jenna, screamsMother! . . . She is, was, your Mother and you are treating this like it was some stranger, we are talking about Gran . . who just happens to be your own mother!

At this point Jenna hears Gran’s voice and depending on your action I or II choice may also see her movement, but Audrey and Judy can not see nor hear her

VoG:   Cool down, JenJen!

Jenna, looks around, shockedJenJen? . . . No one calls me JenJen!

Audrey, confusedJenJen? . . . Only Gran calls you JenJen. . . But what made you think of that right now?

Jenna, confused: You ask what made me think I heard Gran’s voice? . . . You heard it Mom, you heard her tell me to “cool down”.

VoG:   It’s all good JenJen. . . They can’t hear me, only you can. . . . You can see me as well if you want to see an old dead gal! (giggles)

Jenna: What do you mean . . . “see an old dead gal”?

Judy, to Jenna: What are you saying Jenna? . . . Who are you talking to?

Jenna, thinks, moves to bed, looks down, smiles: Gotcha Gran! . . . Why am I not surprised? . . . If anyone can pull it off you can!

Audrey & Judy are surprised, shocked

VoG: You are driving your mother wacko JenJen! . . . Maybe best you just think what
you want to say to me, I am perfectly able to figure out what you are thinkin’. . .
Such as right now as you are thinkin’ your old Gran has blown her mind!

Jenna: How did you . . .?

Judy & Audrey react in confusion
Jenna & VoG giggle

VoJ: Hey Gran, I could get to like this, right on!

VoG: In case you didn’t notice, your mother is lookin’ at you like you just lost your

VoJ: I could get used to that too Gran!

Jenna giggles, Judy & Audrey look around confused

Judy: Audrey, this has been a very hard day on your poor daughter, don’t you think you
should take her home for rest?

VoG: I tried to warn you JenJen, but would you listen to your old Gran?

Jenna: I am fine, I was just thinking, remembering. . . I am . . . fine!

VoG: Great recovery JenJen!

Jenna: Anyone for coffee?

Audrey: We are fine, just fine Jenna.

Jenna: Maybe tea would be best, Gran always enjoyed her cup of tea.

VoG:  Spare me from your Mom’s tea! . . . The ghost of “twist of lemon past” is alive
and well

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