Fathers Under Fire

Cast Number: 13

Run-time:35 min.

Bible Reference: Exodus 20:12

Categories: African-American scripts, Dinner Theatre, Family, Father, Fathers Day
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Theme:       A drama about being a father and the pressures and problems that can be a part of fatherly duties. Two families, the Smith’s and the Jones’ are struggling with the usual family issues. The father in the Smith family is found to have an extramarital affair and a pregnancy happens. And a son of the Smith family is arrested for gang activities. The Jones family supports Smith family members affected by these happenings.
Although written from somewhat of an African-American perspective this drama is equally appropriate for any use.


Bible Reference:     Exodus 20:/p>


Cast:         13 (many can be m or f)
Jones family::

             Father Jim  (late 30’s)

             Mother Carolene (late 30’s)

             Son Dwain (late teen)

             Daughter Cheryl (mid teen)

             Daughter LaWanda (pre-teen)


Smith family:

             Father Desmond (late 30’s)

             Mother Chandelle (late 30’s)

             Daughter Shereene (late teen)

             Daughter Trisha (early teen)
Son Desmond Junior (late teen)

             Son Mark (pre-teen)

Raynelle (early to mid 20’s)
Baby Jenny (this could be done using a doll rather than baby)


Set:          Scene 1 – Smith living room. regular home furniture
Scene 2 – Jones living room – regular home furniture
Scene 3 – Desmond Jones’ office – desk and minimal office furniture
Scene 4 – same as Scene 2
Scene 5 – same as Scene 1


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:  standard


Props:       cell phone, large doll (if used in lieu of live baby)


Time:       35


Sample of script:


Scene 1:     Smith living room    


Desmond is sitting on the couch, texting on cell phone, holding phone in front, smiling, texts, all this to show he is on cam chat with someone.

After a short time Junior comes on stage, comes up behind Desmond, speaks


Junior:       Pop, got a minute?


Desmond shocked, jumps, drops phone, Junior picks it up


Desmond:     Give me back that phone boy, give it here, now!


Junior looks at the phone


Junior:       What’s the big deal? . .  Why so jumpy Pop?


Desmond tears the phone out of Junior’s hands


Desmond:     Don’t you never touch my stuff boy! . . This here is personal! . . Now leave my stuff alone, you hear me?


Chandelle:    Desmond!


Junior, giggle: Likely Pop he’s in a chat room with some hot chick.


Desmond freaks out, grabs Junior by the shoulders, shakes him


Desmond:     Don’t you talk stupid talk, you hear? . . . Don’t ever talk stupid talk like that unless you plan to leave this house!


Junior:       Pop you’re hurting me!


Desmond:     This hurt is nothin’ like you’re gonna feel, you keep up this stupid talk!


Chandelle:    Desmond, what are you going on about with the child?


Desmond:     He’s no child, should know better than lay hands on other people’s stuff.


Chandelle:    What’s the big deal, so Junior held your phone . . . nothing major about that!


Chandelle reaches over and takes Desmond’s phone from his hands, opens it up

Desmond freaks out, grabs the phone


Desmond:     Everybody! . .  You keep your hands off my phone . . .!


Chandelle:    What’s with this phone thing Desmond? . . What do you have on your phone that you are afraid for me or your children to see?


Desmond:     Not afraid! . .  Not afraid at all! . .  Just my private business, that’s all.


Chandelle:    Was a time when there was nothing private between us Desmond. Now seems you are secretive.


Mark:        Wouldn’t it be funny if Pop had him a girlfriend?


children giggle, Desmond becomes upset


Desmond:     I have had about enough of this stupid talk . .  Not one more word from any of you, understood?


Trisha:       Can I play solitaire on your phone Pop?


Desmond, angry:    
Are all you people deaf? . . . I said no one touches my phone!


Shereene:     Dwain Jones’ dad lets his kids play solitaire on his phone.


Desmond:     Who cares what your boyfriend’s old man lets his kids do? . . . Seems like you figure us Smith’s are s’posed to keep up with the Jones’! And I got no intention of keepin’ up with goody-goody Jim Jones. Likely Jones he lets his kids play with his phone on account of likely he has nothing to . . um . .


Chandelle:    Nothing to hide Desmond?


Desmond:     OK, I had enough of this from you people . . . I’m outta here, goin’ to the office.


Desmond quickly exits stage


Mark:        Why’s Pop so angry Mom?


Chandelle:    Your father has a lot on his mind.


Shereene:     Pop isn’t happy like he used to be.


Trisha:       He used to be so fun to be with. . .  Now even when he’s home he isn’t really with us, just spends time on his cell phone.


Junior:       Don’t go and be baggin’ on Pop, he has a lot he has to do, being as how he’s the only one here with a job, bringin’ in cash.


Chandelle:    Well I wish your father would let me take a job and help out financially.


Shereene:     I want to get a job as well. Dwain said he could get me a job at the grocery store where he works.


Trisha:       I want to babysit but Pop won’t let me.


Mark:        And I could . . . (thinks) . .  I’m not so sure what . . but I could do something.


Junior, takes on Desmond’s voice and delivery:      
You all know full well Pop don’t want his wife and kids workin’ outside the home, wouldn’t look good for business. Folks would figure Pop wasn’t good enough businessman to take care of his family. So just you all forget that stupid stuff!


Chandelle, hugs Junior:     
Desmond Smith Junior! . . . You are getting to be more like your father every day!


Chandelle looks closely at Junior, thinks, frowns, turns away

lights down



Scene 2:      Jones family living room


Family are sitting around the room, Carolene is reading magazine, Dwain and Cheryl studying, LaWanda is playing video game, Jim watching TV

Dwain is getting frustrated

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