Find Yourself in Egypt

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Exodus 1:14

Categories: Mime
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Bondage, idols, misinformed.

Illusion: mime walk, ladders, rope climb, push

Cast: 2 speakers, a group of mimes

Sample of script

Newscaster’s Voice: We interrupt your normal programming for the following message.

Pharoah’s Voice: Greetings. This is your Pharoah. There has been a recent disturbance in the empire. I thought it was time to address you. This empire has a place for you in slavery. Don’t think of it as bondage, think of it as a career. Don’t fool yourself with the recent talk of leaving.Then you would be a wanderer. br>(The group of mimes enter doing the pressure walk to this image of wandering.)
Don’t wander. Find yourself in Egypt!
You can climb ladders to success
(Mimes change to illusion of climbing ladders.)
- or at least a pyramid. You can leave your mark on the empire - or at least a few bricks and mortar.
Or, you can leave and wander in the hot, desolate sands outside this lush empire. Don’t wander; find yourself in Egypt. (Mimes again walk looking much more tired, hungry, and thirsty.)
In Egypt, we give you recreation-weights to lift, ropes to climb and loads to push. Yes, in Egypt we take care of you-at least when we aren’t whipping you.

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