First Glorious Casualty

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Acts 7-8

Categories: Everyday Productions, Valentines/Love
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A two scene Christian drama skit where in Scene I a group of teens are having trouble accepting a friend who is seen as “too religious”.
Scene II goes back to Acts 7-8 where Stephen is being accused of speaking against the temple, God and Moses.

Sample of script:

Scene I

Tracy, Terry, Kim and Laurie come on stage, talking

Tracy: So anyhow, Mom said I have to share my cookies and I think that stinks!

Kim: What's so awful about sharing cookies?

Laurie: You’ve never tasted Tracy’s mom’s cookies have you Kim?

Kim: My guess is that Tracy’s mom’s cookies are good.

Terry: Nope. . . . Tracy’s mom’s cookies are like to die for!

Kim: Wow. . . . that good huh?

Terry: Better.

Kim: Look, it’s not like I don’t believe you, but it's just that . . well . .. maybe best I try Tracy’s mom’s cookies like, . . . for myself. . . . Likely two or three or six cookies actually, I mean to be sure I get the true cookie taste.

Laurie: You’re a smooth one Kim . . . . Very smooth!

Kim: What's a friend for, after all?

Tracy: With friends like you my mom would need to bake cookies every day!

Kim: Well you heard the old saying, “Friends don’t let friends go short on cookies”.

Tracy: Old saying huh?

Laurie: My Mom makes stone cookies.

Terry: What’s stone cookies?

Laurie: Cookies that are hard as stone. . . I do love my Mom but cookie making is not one of her strengths.

Kim: My dad serves the best hamburgers in town.

Tracy: What's your dad’s specialties?

Kim: McDonalds and Burger King.

Tracy: Oh I get it, so he doesn’t actually barbeque the hamburgers?

Kim: Mom won't let him do that anymore, last time he barbequed it cost us eight thousand dollars.

Terry: That does sound a bit steep for a hamburger.

Kim: The hamburger was cheap; the big expense was replacing the deck and garage when the barbeque blew up.