First Love

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Revelation 2:4

Categories: Comedy, Valentines/Love
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Forgetting your first love. A comedy skit tells of how two chocolate lovers differ in their passion and commitment in “staying true to their first love”. Useful at any time of thechurch ministry year, including Valentines.
Cast: 2 (male or female, any age)
Set, lighting, sound: standard
Sample of script:
1 comes on stage, stands around, waiting, after a few seconds 2 comes on stage, looks at 1, frowns, goes to speak to 2, holds back, wonders, speaks tentatively
Andy: Tracy? . . . Is it you?
Tracy, looks around, smiles politely: Hello, yes it is I.
Andy: I thought it was you, . . . haven't seen you around in like .. ages, . . you have changed a bit . . different hair style . . everything.
Tracy: Well, yes, it for sure is me all right. . . How have you been doing Andy?
Andy: Doing well, real well, matter of fact. . . Haven't seen you at the weekly “Hooked” meetings in like . . . forever..
Tracy, confused: “Hooked meetings”?
Andy: Yeh, “Hooked”. . . You know, our “Hooked on Chocolate” meetings.
Tracy, smiles, remembers: Oh I remember, . . meetings we used to have to explore our love of chocolate.
Andy: Well, as I recall, Tracy, it was your idea to start up those Hooked meetings, . . recruited me and a lot of others, it was you got us hooked on chocolate.
Tracy, smiles: For sure, those were good times all right.
Andy: So, . . . I assume that . . you are like, not into chocolate anymore?
Tracy, shock: Bite your tongue! My passion for chocolate will never die! . . . How could you think I would just quit loving chocolate? . . Man, what a silly thought Andy!
Andy: Oh, good to hear that you are still into chocolate like always.
Tracy: That's never gonna change I tell ya!
Andy: So, have you heard P.C. Andrews speak of his excursion to Central America . . .?
Tracy: “P.C. Andrews”?
Andy: Yeh, Jimmy Andrews, . . we all call him “P. C.” on account of he is so into Panna Cotta chocolate. . . P. C. he toured all the cacao bean growing countries and shared with us at our last “Hooked” meeting. You should have been there!
Tracy: I don't understand, I mean, way I see it, once you have experienced one chocolate, I mean, you have mostly experienced them all.
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