Fleeing Back To The Future

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 2:13-20

Categories: Bible Characters, Christmas, Monologue, Women
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Mary, now an older lady, shares recollections of the birth of Jesus, and the flight to Egypt. She reflects on how God’s instruction to Joseph, telling him to flee, through wilderness and desert, to the safety of Egypt, was so much like, (yet diametrically opposite to), the instructions given to Moses, in which Moses was told to lead his people to safety, through the same wilderness and desert, in the promised land.
And Mary reflects on how God had totally been in control throughout her life, even when she couldn’t see “the big picture”.

Cast: 1lady, appearing to be in her 50’s

Costumes: traditional

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage, looks, points offstage, smiles, nods

What a gorgeous baby!
(smiles, shakes head)
Look at me . . . an old woman . . a widow . . past my fiftieth year. . . .
And still like a schoolgirl when in the presence of a baby child!
(pauses, saddens, remembering)
I had a child once, much like that one . . (giggles) . . . like that one, only much more beautiful! . . Well, every mother believes that her child is beautiful beyond every other child ever born! Such is the right of motherhood.
(pauses, remembering)
Well, fact is, I had several children, (smiles, giggles), yes, all beautiful!
But my firstborn son . . . he was . . . he was . . special.
(pauses, looks into audience as though hearing a voice, frowns, annoyed)
Oh I am just a proud mother am I? . .
Exaggerating, am I?
Well then, exaggerate this will you?
My son, . . my firstborn son . . was . . and is . . . the son of . . . (emphasize) . . God!
We called him . . Jesus!
The same one you called . . “The Christ”! . . . “The Messiah”!
(smiles, nods)
There, that did get your attention, did it not?
I should have introduced . . I am Mary . . few know me . . everyone knows my son.
But everyone knows of the . . extraordinary . . . happenings . . through which the birth of my son came about.
The virgin birth . . .
The visit from the angel.
The census, travelling to Bethlehem.
The horrid trip across unforgiving terrain.

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