Formula for Success

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Judges 6-8

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A choral reading drama, (can also be used as standard drama), about Gideon, a courageous, natural born leader and a man of faith, and how God, through Gideon, shows the formula for success by trusting in God.

Cast: (can be adapted to fit needs and situations, we suggest as follows:) S1: solo person S2: solo person D: duet T: trio C: choir, any number of people

Sample of script:

C: We have a story to tell.

S1: A story?

S2: What kind of story?

C: A story of a courageous man, a natural born leader, a man people wanted to follow and obey.

D: Wow! A courageous leader! That means he was tall and good looking.

T: Obviously someone handsome and muscular.

D: How tall was he?

C: We really don’t know, but we do know he was the least of all his family and friends.

D: The least? And still people followed him?

C: Yes, they did, even into battle.

D: Wow! That is unusual!

T: But he was handsome, right?

C: No idea.

D: How could you not know?

T: Well, it goes without saying that he was handsome, I mean, television demands good looks in our leaders.

C: This man lived long before television.

S1: We are talking an old story here.

D, deep voice: Well then he would have to have a deep bass voice.

T, deep voice: A deep, radio voice.

C: Long before radio.

S2: We are talking middle ages story here!

C: Back long before middle ages actually.

S1: We are talking seriously old times here!

S2: Back before recorded history.

C: The story was recorded all right. And very reliably too.

S1: And no mention if he was good looking?

C: No mention.

S2: Or muscular?

C: Not a word.

S1 & S2: Very unusual!

D: Any idea where this guy was from?

C: Ophrah.

D: Ophrah? Where’s that?

C: We aren’t exactly sure.

T: Does this . . . reliable . . story tell this guy’s name?

C: Gideon.

S1: Gideon?

S2: Sounds kinda . . Bibleish . . . if you ask me.

C: Exactly.

S2: Exactly?

C: Gideon from the Bible. Old Testament. Judges to be exact.

T: Which means the story was just that, a story, not necessarily reliable.

C: It just doesn’t come any more reliable than God’s own word.

T: So just who did this guy, Gideon, lead?

D: Yes, and how did he become the leader, him being the least and all?

C: Well see, the Israelites had many enemies, Midianites, Amalekites, and the people of the East.

S1: Wow! The Midi . . . the Amala . . . those people. Even their names sound scary!

S2: And hard to pronounce.

C: Anyhow, the Midianites, Amalekites, and the people of the East would sweep down across the settlements of the Israelites, as far as Gaza. With their camels and their fighting men they would destroy all the crops and kill all the livestock belonging to the Israelites. And the Israelites, with no leader, seemed defenceless to stop the Midianites, Amalekites, and the people of the East.

T: This is getting serious!

C: Very serious indeed.

D: My guess is along came Gideon, offering to help.

C: Actually no.

D, incredulous: No?

C: No. Actually along came an angel of God.

S1: You mean like, (makes wing motions) . . . an angel angel?

C: The angel told Gideon that he must be the leader of the Israelite people, and that Gideon must also destroy altars which the people had set up to worship other false gods.

S2: Sounds like a big job.

C: Yes, a big job indeed. But God showed Gideon that he would be with Gideon every step of the way. So Gideon raised up an army of from among the tribes of Manasseh, Zebulun, and Naphtali to battle against the Midianites, Ainalekites, and the people of the East, who were encamped in the valley of Jezreel.

T: Let me get this straight . . . Gideon had an army made up of the tribes of Manasassas . . . Manass .. . .

D: . . . and Zebu . . . Zebu . . .

S1: . . . and Naphatatafa . . .

T: . . . from those tribes and they went to fight the Midian . . . Midiani . .

S2: Best just leave it that the good guys fought the bad guys . . out in some valley nearby.

C: The Israelite army was made up of thirty-two thousand men.

D, high five: Wow, thirty-two thousand men! Hey this should be a walk in the park! Be gone you Midian . . . Midianit . . you bad guys!

C: The armies of the Midianites, Ainalekites, and the people of the East totalled many hundreds of thousands.

D: Oooops!

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