Freedom poem

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Run-time:2 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Monologue, Poetry
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Poetess Betty Jean Cleland has written this lovely poem about freedom, and how the Lord can remove all the stains from our lives, allowing us the right to enter the land which he has promised to us.
Can be used as a monolog.

Lord wash me in your River
Take away my stains
Cleanse me in your waters Lord
And baptise me once again
It’s time! It’s time! Preparation is at hand
It’s time to take my sandals off
And enter the promise Land

Sample of script:

Oh what a tangled web of emotions we weave
that spiral us down into the shadowy lair of darkness;
luring us deeper as we fight self loathing
drip-drip drops of torturous thoughts.
Fingernails drag epephilials across the mind draped tapes
that yell and scream “You are guilty”
Freedom is only a thought away. Freedom....
It’s time to derail this fast moving train to destruction.
Neurons fire and fire again with effortless trails,
With tracks well laid,
With tracks well built.
It’s time to flick the switch before it’s too late.
It’s time to set the flint to spark the precious kindling
And burn the barrage of untamed debris.
Debris that clogs the mind giving its power over
to the entity that will destroy both beauty and breath.
Many have entered this Desert land
And know too well the sounds of the desert
It’s laughter resounds its ridiculous commodity of sour melodies.
Cynicism raises its wind torn banner to war where only yesterday was peace.
One can never take back reckless words spoken
that should never have been opened.
It’s time to take my sandals off and wash in the rivers of baptism again.
It’s time to take my sandals off and wash away the drip-drip drops of reckless thoughts.

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