Gifted Christmas

Cast Number: 6

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Christmas, Christmas Comedy, Puppet
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A comedy tells of the "gifts" and the "gift" of Christmas
Can be done as a standard or puppet drama

Cast: Six puppets, any combination of male or female
Can also be done as a standard drama

No special set, props, lighting or sound

Sample of script:

Amy and Belinda are on stage

Amy: So the guy in the pink trunks he says, “Welcome to December!”
Amy and Belinda laughing uproariously
Belinda: Welcome to December! Wow, now there’s a knee slapper for ya!
Trudy peeks around the corner
Amy: What for you sneakin’ around here Trudy?
Trudy: Oh, hi, just checking to see if he was here.
Belinda: He? There’s no he’s here, who might be the he whom you seek?
Trudy: Not seeking, trying to avoid actually.
Amy: And that would be . . .?
Trudy, annoyed: Hollis Henderson, that’s who!
Hollis comes on stage
Hollis: Hey guys, how’s things?
Trudy: Errr, uh, hey Hollis, doin’ good mostly, just hangin’ out mostly. Just leavin’ quickly, actually.
Hollis: Funny thing, every time I show up people seem to be leaving in a big hurry.
Trudy: No way, you mean it looks that way to you as if I . . . well, see ya guys!
Hollis: Fact is I came to talk to you about Christmas gifts I bought for all of you.
Trudy: So, catch you guys maybe later on after I have . . . . (double take, looks at Hollis), you mean, like Christmas gifts for, like, me?
Hollis: Dear lady, I do believe you are gonna like your present I mean, matches your eyes and all.
Trudy: My gift . . . oh my eyes, . . . oh my, Hollis . . . .
Belinda: I was out all day shopping for Christmas presents, whew, big job that!
Amy: Me too, I had this awful time finding a present for my little brother Harold. Nothing seemed just right.
Trudy: I know what you mean, nothing quite good enough huh?
Amy: Actually nothing quite cheap enough.
Belinda: What matter the price when it is for your beloved brother?
Amy right up in Belinda’s face
Amy: My guess would be you have never met my weird brother Harold.
Hollis is marching off the width of the puppet stage, looking up, looking down, thinking
Trudy: Mind cluein’ us in on exactly what you might be doin’ Hollis?
Hollis, deep in thought: Huh, me, oh sorry, was just measurin’ up the doors here.
Trudy: What for you maybe want to measure up the doors for, Hollis?
Hollis: Well, see, I have been out buyin’ Christmas presents for you guys, just checkin’ to see if they will come through the doors is all.
Hollis continues to measure doors
Hollis: Listen, I will be back later. First I gotta check those gifts again, a bit worried I might have to downsize some.

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