God Has Spoken

Cast Number: 23

Run-time:60 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 1:18-2:16

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An easily staged 5 scene somewhat contemporary handling of the birth of the Christ Child. 
Mary and Joseph learn of her coming pregnancy when the angel visits, and although they can’t understand the reasoning of the role into which they have been thrust, they accept their roles because God has spoken.
The drama takes us from the announcements by the angel Gabriel through to the meeting between Herod and the Wise Men, and on to the escape to Egypt.
Some songs and a dance segment which can be choreographed to suit your skills and purposes.

Cast:        23 or more with extras
(NOTE some of these actors will handle multiple roles)
Christ child, likely 2-3 years old
Offstage voice of the angel Gabriel
Esau, Joseph’s friend
Abe, Joseph’s friend
Herod’s Guard
High Priest
Herod’s Aides (3 or more)
3 Wise Men
Miriam, woman in Herod’s palace
Several (6+) women from Herod’s palace



Scene I – Mary’s Bedroom
Scene II – Joseph’s carpentry shop
Scene III – In Herod’s palace
Scene IV – The women of King Herod
Scene V – Finale with Mary and Joseph


Lighting:    as available, spotlights would be useful


Sound:       standard


Costumes:   likely contemporary
NOTE in Scene III the costumes will reflect the opulence of royalty


Props:       wooden items for Scene II


Songs:       Let The Church Say Amen – Andrae Crouch, Marvin Winans (lyrics adaped by DramaShare
Lead Us Lord by Brian Doerksen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZhtNXi1LhA
Do You See What I See (carol) with original lyrics by DramaShare


Time:       60




Scene I – Mary’s bedroom


Low light on stage where Mary is asleep

Bright light focuses on Mary, she wakes shocked


Mary:        Who . . . what’s going on? . .  What’s happening? . . Who’s there?


Shadow across Mary and on the back wall, Mary more afraid


Mary:        Who’s there?


Gabriel:      Nothing to be scared of Mary.


Mary:        Hey, who are you, where are you? . . 


Gabriel:      Don’t worry Mary, it’s OK.


Mary:        Hey, what’s going on? . . And how do you know my name? . . . Joseph, help!


Gabriel:      Mary, it’s OK. God has sent me . . I am God’s angel Gabriel . .


Mary:        God sent you? . . .  That means I am going to die, right?


Gabriel:      Mary, I have news for you, God has plans for you, God wants you to . .


Mary, resigned:     
It’s OK, if God says it is my time to die then . . .


Gabriel:      Hush Mary . . just listen . . .


Mary, thinks:  If I die then so be it . . .
But my family will miss me . .  my father . . . Mom will be heartbroken . . 
(thinks, wipes away a tear)
Joseph . . . .  My Joseph will be alone . . all alone . .
Did God really say I had to die . . I am only 13 . .
(looks up, pleading)
Think of Joseph,  . . . we are engaged you know . . .
Joseph and I have plans . . maybe God didn’t know . .  Joseph and I are going to be married . .


Gabriel:      Mary, it is all good, you are not going to die . .  you are going to live like never before!


Mary:        I am going to live? Good . . . but . . . . . but then why . . you . .  an angel sent from God . .  here to my bedroom . . 
(pulls the blankets close around her)
You . .  shouldn’t be here Mr. Angel . . I am engaged you know . . what would people say . . I mean . .  I am engaged to be married . . to my fiancé, Joseph, and . .
Likely God didn’t know about me and Joseph . .  engaged to be married.


Gabriel:      Mary, it is all good . . And God knows all about you . . . and about Joseph . . and your engagement . .
And God is very pleased with you; you are very special in the eyes of God . . .


Mary:        Well, that’s good, I mean, that is very good . . . I mean that is very good, isn’t it . . God being pleased with me and all?


Gabriel:      Mary, you just have to listen . . and be quiet . . I have news for you, a message from God.


Mary, thinks:  Wow! . .  Me, Mary, a 13 year old peasant girl, getting a message from God!
Just wait ‘til I tell my friends at the marketplace!
“Listen up you guys . .  guess what . . . Gabriel, God’s personal angel, he came to visit me in the middle of the night . .  Gabriel came just to tell me that I am special in God’s eyes! . .  So there!”
(thinks, worried)
My friends . . they will just never believe me . .  Especially Ruth, you know how she goes on and on, bragging about how her family is rich, way she tells it, her family has like a gazillion sheep, a ton of camels and goats and . .
Nah, Ruth will never in a million years believe me. They will just say I am making this all up.
Maybe, Gabriel, maybe you could like leave something with me, something that my mightier-than-thou friends can’t possibly ignore.


Gabriel:      Oh I guarantee you Mary, your friends won’t possibly be able to ignore this news. . . Now then, hush and listen . .


Mary:        Sorry, it’s just that I never had a chat with an angel before and, well, I mean . . Wow!


Gabriel, stern:  Mary! . .  No talk! . .  Listen! . .  Now! . .


Mary:        Sorry! . . 
(moves her thumb and index finger across her lips as in “zip it”)
Not another word from me . . You talk, I listen, you go ahead Gabriel, I am listening!


Gabriel:      Thank you!
Now the news . . You have a very special part in God’s plan. God is sending the Messiah, his own son.


Mary:        I know all about that, for centuries our people have been waiting for the Messiah and . . .


Gabriel clears his throat loudly


Mary:        Sorry . .


Gabriel:      You will become pregnant and .


Mary, excited:  Joseph and I are going to have a baby when we get married? . .  That’s so wonderful! . .  Joseph, he’s my fiancé that I been telling you about, he wants a big family! . . I can’t wait to tell Joseph the good news . .  I will say, “Joseph, you are going to be a daddy!” . . He will be so . . .


Gabriel:      Not one more word Mary! . .  Just listen!


Mary, shrinks back, apologetic but with smile on her face, covers her mouth


Gabriel:      Even right now you are pregnant with a son . .


Mary, shock:   Wait . .  I have never been with a man . .  that way . .  so how can . .?


Gabriel:      Nothing is impossible with God. . . but the child will not be the son of Joseph. The son you give birth to will be the son of God . .


Mary reacts in quiet shock


Gabriel:      Your son, . . .  Jesus will be his name, . .  will be like no one before him, the Son of the Most High, . .  he will be the long awaited Messiah, and he will reign forever.
Mary . .  you indeed are blessed!


shadow leaves, Mary sits for a moment in shocked silence


Mary:        I am pregnant
I, Mary of Nazareth . .
I am pregnant!
I am pregnant with God’s own son! . .
I know this . . . because . .  God has spoken.


Mary, sings slowly and in deep thought:     
God has spoken
My response . . is Amen!
My response . . is Amen!
My response . . is Amen!
For God has spoken
My response . . is Amen!


lights off



Scene II – Joseph’s carpentry shop


Joseph is working with a chair, after a few moments Abe and Esau come on stage


Abe:         Hey Joe!


Joseph, looks up, continues working
Hey Esau, Abe.


Esau:        Hey man, do you ever take a break from this carpentry thing of yours?


Joseph:       Look, when a fella owns his own business, is his own boss, gotta work flat out, nobody’s gonna pay my bills for me!


Abe, rapping:  Slow yourself on down now, man take a break
Workin’ every minute gonna give you heart attack
Better take it easy and that there’s a fact
Slow down, smell the roses, get yourself a snack
Have a blast every day, that there’s the way to act.


Joseph, to Abe:       What’s with Snoop Dogg here?


Esau:        You’re workin’ too hard man, have a seat, grab a cuppa.


Customer comes on stage


Customer:     Joseph I brought by the wife’s table I was telling you about, maybe you could come out back have a look to see if you think you can fix it up?


Joseph:       Let’s just bring it in the shop here, I will check it over.


Customer:     That sucker weighs a ton, I don’t want to unload it, load it up again if you can’t fix it. Just come out back, will only take a minute.


Esau:        You go on Joe, me and Abe will look after the store while you’re gone.


Abe:         We are good at customer relations; you might just have to hire us full time to help out in your business.


Joseph:       Yeh, right! . .  (to Customer) . . . OK let’s go have a look.


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