God Used A Slave Girl

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: 2.Kings 5:1-10

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       Naaman, the commander of the King of Aram’s army, had the awful disease leprosy. And a girl, (unnamed in the Bible), was captured when King Aram’s raiders, led by Naaman, attacked Israel. This young woman, who served Naaman’ wife, suggested to the wife that if Naaman were to go to the prophet Elisha her God could heal him.
This drama written by Valerie Daramola.


Bible Reference:      2Kings 5:1-10


Cast:         1


Set:          blank


Sound:       as available


Costumes:    likely traditional


Time:        3 minutes


Sample of script:



I know you are probably wondering who I am, and why I am included as one of the wonderful group of women from the Bible.

Well, I am just a young girl, but I will tell you why I was chosen to be a part of this honored group.

You might not know who I am, but I know you will remember my mistress’ husband.

I was captured when raiders from the King of Aram attacked Israel.

Do you know I was taken from my home, and my family, and forced to be a slave in the home of Naaman?

Naaman was the commander of the King of Aram’s army. He was a great soldier, but he had an awful disease. He had leprosy.

And this is why I’m here. And even though another young lady, who was also a young maiden girl like me, had her name mentioned in the Bible, you know, Rhoda, but my name is not given. Maybe that is why people don’t always remember me. But still I did something to bring glory to God.

I would hear my mistress talking about her husband, and how sick he was. She was so concerned about him. I could sometimes hear her praying to her god to heal him, but he just got worse and worse.

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