Happy Fathers Day God

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Hebrews 13:6

Categories: Family, Father, Fathers Day, Puppet, Sermon Starter
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Fathers Day puppet script, (can be used as a standard drama). Puppets learn how to talk to God, to lean on Him. God is our Father, we don't need to be afraid.

Sample of script:

Puppeteer and puppet come to the front.

Benjy: Hey, who is everybody? Who’s all these kids here?

Brad: Well, Benjy, these are the children from the (the name of the church) Church Sunday School.

Benjy: Oh, no, I was afraid of that, the children from . . . . where did you say they were from?

Brad: From (the name of the church) Church.

Benjy: Oh, no, now I am scaird! The children from (the name of the church) Church! They’ll probably come over to me and they’ll, . . . . . that is, there gonna, . . . . well they might . .

Brad: You are being silly, Benjy! These are very nice children! What are you afraid of?

Benjy: Yeh, well, I’m afraid, because, . . . well, in case they just might, . . . . What if they’d, . . .oh, I wish my dad was here right now!

Brad: Your dad, why would you need your dad right now? I mean, no one is going to do anything to hurt you. These are very nice children!

Benjy: I am always scaird when my dad isn’t with me. I mean when my dad is here, well, I am safe, and I feel real good!

Brad: But I’m here Benjy! And I am your friend!

Benjy: Oh, I know that, but it just isn’t the same. You are nice, and you are good to me, but, well, my dad, he just always knows what to do, whenever I get scaird. But now my Dad is away, in (nearby town), and I’m all alone. And, he’s not comin’ back for another hour! That’s why I’m scaird!

Brad: Well, I’m sure you miss your Dad, Benjy, but didn’t you know that no matter where you go, even when you are all alone, your Heavenly Father is always with you?

Benjy: Now you are talkin’ silly, Brad! How can you be all alone, and still have someone with you? Yes, and, just who is this, this, Heavenly Father? I don’t understand you, Brad!

Brad: Well, it’s true, Benjy! God is your Heavenly Father. And no matter what, God is always with you.

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