Happy Mothers Day

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:20 min.

Bible Reference: Mark 7:10

Categories: Family, Mother, Mothers Day
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Mothers Day, what is the Christian significance behind this celebration?

Cast: 4
all younger middle aged
Terry, very into his “toys” is married to Toni
Toni, tired of the tedium of life, is married to Terry
Jerry is committed, supportive husband of Joni
Joni is loving wife of Jerry

Set: Bare stage except for a table with two chairs at both downstage left and downstage right locations
There are two flats, set in a narrow V shape at upstage center location to give the indication that these are two separate homes, one at stage left, the other at stage right. Take care that the flats are well back so they do not block sight lines of anyone in the audience.

Props: dishes, silverware, butter, loaf of sliced bread, toaster on both tables,catalogue, newspaper
Toasters will be operated from offstage, adjust settings so the toast will beejected in the shortest time, then have the power controlled offstage toeject at proper time

Directions: The premise of this drama is to show two families living out similarcircumstances but reacting in different ways.
Note that the drama is not to portray Terry and Toni as being a “bad”couple, nor to portray Jerry and Joni as a “good” couple, only that somecouples will sometimes react in somewhat more appropriate, or moresupportive ways than others
Action switches back and forth from stageleft to stageright acting location.
The couple which are not speaking will not actually freeze, they will bereading or simply sitting quietly, but take care that the non-speakingcouple do not move too much since this would take the attention of theaudience from the speaking couple.
Where possible it would be useful to have separate lighting for left and forright acting location, and to reduce the light on the non-acting couple, thussomewhat taking the non-acting couple “off stage”.

Sample of script:

Jerry and Joni come to the table at stageleft
Terry and Toni come to the table at stageright
Terry and Toni sit, don’t look at each other or speak. Terry picks up a golf magazine from the table, reads with interest, Toni yawns, massages temples to give the idea she has a headache. Terry and Toni maintain this while Jerry and Joni speak
Jerry and Joni come on stage, holding hands, smiling, chatting

Joni: So, anyhow, when I phoned Mom she said, “Those children of yours had an awesome night, dad and I spoiled them to death!”

Jerry: Joni, your mom and dad always spoil our kids to death, and none of us would have it otherwise.

Joni: Mom and Dad enjoy having the kids for a sleepover, and the kids love it too. But we both know it’s the same when they go visit your mom Jerry.

Jerry: We are so lucky to have parents who are so supportive with us and our kids.

Joni: Yes, we are. Truly blessed. But I gotta tell you, I miss my babies already.

Jerry: Not babies any more.

Joni: They will always be my babies. It’s a mom’s right.

Jerry: Different, isn’t it? House all to ourselves for two whole days.

Joni: Yes, different. Nice, but lonely, kinda too.

Jerry, fake hurt: Fine, so my wife doesn’t appreciate a romantic weekend alone with her husband, no kids. Fine!

Joni: I happen to very much appreciate a romantic weekend alone with my husband, no kids.

Jerry: Different, isn’t it, no kids on Mothers Day. Listen, let me treat. I will make the toast.

Jerry, with great flourish, puts slices of bread in the toaster

Joni, laughing: My husband, the chef!

Jerry and Joni pick up paper, read, lights down on stageleft, up on stageright

Terry: Now here is what we need!

Toni, barely reacts: Hmmmmmm.

Terry: Big Bertha Steelhead System III Graphite, wow, looks sweet. What do you think Toni?

Toni:, no reaction

Terry: Hey look at this! (reads) Ping S Flex CS Lite iron just seven hundred bucks. Cameron Titleist Studio Stainless putter, two hundred bucks. Way I see it we could get the whole set, maybe under fourteen, fifteen hundred bucks! Wow! Just think, both of us, outfitted with new clubs, under three grand! Maybe could talk my buddy at the Golf Warehouse to toss in golf carts. Think this is a plan, hon?

Toni, still no reaction

Terry: Hon. Toni, are you awake?

Toni, doesn’t stir, mumbles: Uh, yeh, yeh, I am here.

Terry: So what do you think? Think we should move on that?

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