Harvest Party

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 12-27

Categories: Halloween
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A fun drama for kids, speaks of thanksgiving to God for providing our needs. Includes parodies on well known songs: Farmer's Life For Me, Farmer in the Dell, Jesus Loves Me. May be used as an alternative to Halloween activities.

Sample of script:

1: Hey all, and what’s happenin’ here? All these costumes, bright colours, looks like a party goin’ on!

2: Sure is, 1! Harvest Party.

1: Harvest Party? Did I make a wrong turn at Kansas? You guys don’t look much like farmers to me.

3: Sure we are, come harvest time we can all be farmers, come on, kids, it’s harvest time.

dance around in a circle, singing to the tune of “Farmer In The Dell”

All: A farmer’s life for me
A farmer’s life for me
Every year at harvest time
It’s a farmer’s life for me!
A farmer’s life for me
Ho ho! A farmer’s life for me
Hey hey! Every year at harvest time It’s a farmer’s life for me!

1: Hey, this being a farmer is fun,

3. I like this idea of having a Harvest Party. Only thing, I never heard of this before, where did the idea come from?

2: Actually it is a way that we celebrate and thank God for all His blessings.

1: Blessings? Like what?

3: Well, see, all of the great vegetables and stuff in our gardens didn’t just happen. Like we always say, our God is the God of the harvest. God sends rain, sends the sun, and He makes the plants grow. So our Harvest Party is an excuse to praise God for all He does for us.

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