He Touched Me

Cast Number: 7

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 8:40-48

Categories: 6-8 Minutes Scripts
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The woman who was subject to bleeding for 12 years comes to Jesus for healing.

Cast: 7 or more
Elizabeth, middle age or more
3 or more townspeople
Jarius, a ruler from the synagogue

Set: blank

Costumes: likely traditional

Song: “He Touched Me” by William Gaither

Time: 7 (with song)

Sample of script:

Elizabeth and a crowd of people are standing, the people crowding in on Elizabeth

Elizabeth, angrily: Move back and give some room! I have been standing here since dawn, find your own space by the road!

Person1: How dare you even speak to honorable folk? How does one so unclean come to associate with righteous people?

Elizabeth: No different than yourself. I am here to see the prophet of Nazareth, Christ, the Messiah. I know he can heal me, if he will.

Person2: Elizabeth, you contaminate the area by your presence! And how would the Nazarene heal you when all the elders have failed.

Elizabeth: Because they are merely elders, he is the son of God.

Person1: Be careful how you speak of the elders! I can not imagine why they have not banished you!

Elizabeth: Jesus will cure my hemorrhage, heal my shame. I know he will!

crowd laughs at her

Person2: I can see it now! The prophet taking time out to interact with an unclean woman!

Elizabeth: You will see, just as I told you, he will see me and . . .

Person3, shouts: Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth, he is on his way into town! He is nearing town! He is coming, he will soon be here!

Jesus and disciples come on stage

Elizabeth: Messiah! Touch me!

Jairus and friends come on stage, rush in front of Jesus, falls at Jesus’ feet

Jairus: Rabbi! Have mercy on me and my house! My daughter, my beloved only daughter, is on her bed, dying. You must help me, you must save her! My property, my position in the synagogue, all this is yours, just do not let my child die!

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