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Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: 2Timothy 4:3-7

Categories: Human Video, Music Enhanced Scripts
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Human Video (mime to music) for song by Delirious (script only - no video)

Sample of script:

Is it true today

AC1 head back, looking downstage, mocking, scornful look, menacing, brings hands forward up to chest level, palms up

that when people pray

AC1 looks down at PR, same mocking look, hands at waist height, pointing to PR, index fingers pointed at PR

cloudless skies will break

AC2 is pleasant, (total opposite to AC1), stands at right hand side of PR, looks up into sky and somewhat to downstage right, smile comes up and at same time right hand shields the eyes from the sun

kings and queens will shake

A male (K) and a female (Q) come up beside AC1, they show they are royalty by pompous look, nose up in the air, and also with both hands adjust the crown on their own head. With hands at “crown” a frightened, moving to terrified, look comes to faces of K and Q, body arches back and to left, away from PR position, K and Q hands up and slightly to right as to protect themselves, left hand at shoulder height, right hand slightly higher. Be careful not to shield face from audience.

(After this line K and Q become part of “negative” side)

yes it's true and I believe it

AC2 nods in agreement, large smile, right index finger wagging slowly as if making a point

I'm living for you

AC2 looks up in loving attitude, fingertips on chest, moving quickly to right hand at chest height, palm up and right hand at head height, index finger pointed up.

Is it true today that when people pray

AC1 again mocking scornful look, menacing, brings hands forward up to chest level, palms up

we'll see dead men rise

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