History of Halloween

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 12:22

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Puppets look into the origin of the Halloween message.

Sample of script:

A: Boo!

K: (screams)

A: (laughs) Don’t worry, Kendra, it's just me!

K: Autumn? What are you doing in that costume?

A: Trying it out for tomorrow night. What do you think, scary huh?

K: It's certainly scary. But why would you want to scare people?

A: So when I say "trick or treat" they'll give me lots of treats! I heard that the scarier the costume, the more candy you get.

K: Ohh…So you want to celebrate an old Celtic ritual.

A: Celtic? Oh you mean like the basketball team?

K: No, silly. The Celts were an ancient culture in Ireland long before Jesus was born.

A: So what does that have to do with "trick or treating"?

K: Well, it was the Celts who started Halloween. Except, they called it Samhain. Samhain was a festival held every year on October 31. It was like their New Years Eve because November 1 was the first of their new year!

A: I think Halloween would be fun on New Years Eve. I'd have more time to eat my candy!

K: Anyway, the Celts believed on this day that evil spirits entered the world. And they were scared. So, they left food out for the spirits hoping that their "treat" would prevent the spirits from "tricking" them. Later, the Celts started dressing up like the spirits and going from house to house asking for food so they wouldn't do a mean trick on the people in that house.

A: Yeah, but I wasn't going to do anything mean! Well, except maybe at Susie's house. She laughed at me called me a baby one time when I brought my stuffed rabbit to school for show and tell.

K: Well, eventually, people didn't believe in those spirits like that anymore, but the children kept dressing up and going from house to house. Now, after Jesus had been on the earth and the Word of God was being told all over the world, Christians came to that country too. They didn't like the idea of honoring evil spirits, so they decided to change November 1 to All Saints Day, or All Hallow's Day. The night before became known as "All Hallow's Evening". That's where we get the name "Halloween."

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