How Deep The Father’s Love

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 15:11-32

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Theme:       A short drama mirroring the Prodigal Son parable in a contemporized manner.
A son returns home to find that the father has died. But the “other brother” welcomes the prodigal home and explains all that the father has done in preparing for the prodigal’s return

Bible Reference:     Luke 15:32


Cast:         2, likely male, likely mid 20’s or older


Set:         blank


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:  standard


Time:       8

We wrote this script for Lynne Marie Prock in Caifornia who said:

This is awesome!!!!  I really appreciate the time and trouble you took to write this.  You are extremely gifted.  This is exactly what we wanted!!!!  I know lives will be touched by this drama.


Sample of script:      


Phil is sitting at a table or desk on stage, going over papers, yawns, tired, rubs eyes

After a few seconds there is a knock on the door


Phil:         Come in.


there is no movement


Phil:         Door is open, come in.


Johnnie very slowly comes on stage

Phil sees Johnny, jumps to his feet, excited


Phil:         Johnnie! . . . Dad was right, you did come home!


Johnnie:      I . .  I shouldn’t have come . . I . .  (turns to leave)


Phil:         No, Johnnie, you are home, this is where you should be, it’s what Dad wanted . . what Dad . . wants. . . . Please . . . stay!


Johnnie:      I was too late . . I . . am too late. . . Dad’s . . .


Phil:         I’m sorry you missed the funeral Johnnie. . . It was . .  a kind of . . celebration.


Johnnie:      I was on my way home when I heard that he was . . . that Dad had . . died.
(cries angry tears)
And just like everything I have ever done in my whole life I . .  screwed up . . . I was too late!
Look, it’s no use . . I gotta go, I gotta get outta here . .  I should have never come back . . I should . .


Johnnie turns to go, Phil holds him, Johnnie sobs


Phil:         Don’t go Johnnie. . . You are home . .where you belong . .  where you’ve always belonged.


Johnnie, angry:     
Maybe you’ve forgotten Phil! . . . When I left here two years ago I demanded that Dad pay me out with my share of the business, I said some sick things. . . I don’t belong here!


Phil:         Your name is Johnnie Williams . . .  and this is the Williams home . . and this town is home to Williams Enterprises, the family business. . . So whether you like it or not . . you are back home Johnnie! . . This home is your home and the business is your business too.


Johnnie:      You aren’t listening! . . . Dad paid me out, he gave me the value of my share of the business. . . And I blew every penny of that money on a two year binge, dishonouring my father . . with drugs, alcohol and crap you don’t even want to think of! . .
So don’t say any of this is mine . . It is not!


Phil sorts through papers, hands Johnnie some pages


Phil:         That’s not what Dad’s will says. . . (flips pages, reads) . . . says here you and me are partners in Williams Enterprises, Johnnie.


Johnnie¸ shouting:   
Noooooooo! . . . This can’t be . . This is stupid! . . I got my share! I . . don’t deserve anything . . I deserve to be kicked out of here and . .


Phil:         Well Johnnie, you remember what Dad always said . . in this life people don’t always get what they deserve.


Johnnie:      Why would Dad do this? . . It makes zero sense! . . And what do you think of this Phil? . . You were the one who stayed home and run the business, all of the business should be yours.


Phil:         Check out the will . . . that’s not what Dad wanted.

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