Joy Cometh in the Morning

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Run-time:18 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 1:46-55

Categories: Bible Characters, Christmas, Monologue, Music Enhanced Scripts, Women
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This drama was written to explore the human feelings which had to cross Mary's mind as she carried her unborn son. While it is entirely true that Mary had benefit of both angelic visits and a servant heart, still she had to be sufficiently human to have concerns, even second thoughts.
In this drama the actress begins by playing the role of Mary, complete with period costume.
At the conclusion of Part 1 of this monologue a female singer sings Breath of Heaven, (Mary's Song), Words and Music by Chris Eaton and Amy Grant, (Copyright 19692 Closeau Music Ltd. / Age to Age Music, Inc. (ASCAP), adm by Reunion Music Group, Inc. As the song is sung actress moves slowly about Center Stage, reacts to words of the song.
At the conclusion of the song, actress, while on stage, removes the costume to reveal contemporary apparel. She goes immediately into Part 2 of monologue where she talks about the pressures, concerns and problems of her current day preparation for motherhood.

Mary - actress
Female singer
If possible, singer should be on an elevated stage at Upper Stage Center.
Actress performs on the regular (lower) stage level.

Mary in Part 1 will have period costume. In Part 2, (and for singer), contemporary costumes will be used.

Sample of script:

It has been a long day, Father. Today I went to the market. I left home with great feelings of love in my heart. So thankful that I might choose the best of produce and essentials for my new husband Joseph. So grateful that God had provided a husband, one who loved me, Mary, the poor peasant girl. So overwhelmed that God had so richly blessed me with this opportunity to give birth to, to Him!
But in the marketplace my joy soon turned to sorrow and shame as the glances, the whispers rubbed rawness once again. No longer able to endure this thinly veiled feeling of displeasure from my neighbours, with my market basket still half empty, I hurried home to one the who does not doubt, nor second-guess, nor condemn.
At the gate I paused to listen to his mallet, a steady cadence, implying certainty as it struck home; to his rasp, a soothing, muted symphony. My husband, the carpenter. A noble profession, a proud profession. But, some said, not the wisest career choice in this, a land where trees, and thereby wood, is scarce to the point of rare. No matter; to be a carpenter was my husband's choice, and in his labor I would glory.
Tonight I lie beside my Joseph and listen to his regular breathing, as sleep removes the cares of his busy day. Thank you, dear God, for Joseph. The one who cared, who understood, the one who stood by me when all friends and neighbors berated, worse, ignored me. Truly, even Joseph had problems comprehending. In my first month he did turn away from me, he did doubt. But to his credit he listened as the angel of God brought reassurance.
Now he sleeps the dark night through while I lie here by his side, my mind spinning as I try to comprehend the magnitude of the blessing, in some ways the curse, that has been thrust upon my young life.
Now as the dark and dreary night gives forth it's first hint of a new day, I search both my mind and the eastern sky, that somehow I might make sense of this happening. A happening of which I was to play a willing yet somehow unconscious role. It was as though I was sitting back, watching as the role was played out. Me, Mary, a mere bit part player in the most significant happening in all of history. Central to the event, yet, somehow, a mere observer. Dear Lord, make me worthy of the task which lies ahead for me.
I recall the visit which I made with my cousin, how I learned that in Elizabeth's old age she was to give birth. I felt the leaping of this son of Zechariah and Elizabeth. Now I feel the movement of my own wee one and I marvel at the promise that I bear.
I pray Lord that you will use this unworthy vessel to bear your Son into a world which so desperately needs your healing touch. Bless me and my beloved husband, that we might not be deficient in the task which lies ahead. We have talked Lord, and we realize that only as a result of Your guiding and power can we be equal to the task.
You have promised to guide, and now God, I shall hold to your promise. For as sure as is the weeping of the night, so comes the joy of the morning. Be with me, my God, and be with my husband. Thank You for providing Joseph as the keeper of Your Son.
Singer sings Breath of Heaven as actress reacts to words.
At close of song, actress slowly begins to remove costume, talking and moving about stage as she does so.
Jesus, I grow closer to You as I think of Your coming to this earth as a tiny baby. I identify with You and Your dear mother as I too, for the first time, go through the process of becoming a mother. Lord Jesus, today within my body there grows a person, a child. A child to be born during the Christmas season. My first child! How exciting! How scary! How new!
And, since it is the Christmas season, I was wondering, dear Lord, wondering about what it was like for Your mother, back before that first Christmas. Am I encountering the same joys and fears and worries and triumphs as did Your mother?
I find myself ill at ease, the nagging doubt that I will be equal to the task of bringing up a child as I must. After all, Jesus, it isn't easy for a kid growing up in today's world.

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