Knit Together In Friendship

Cast Number: 7

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Proverbs 17:17

Categories: Family, Father
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the friendship of David and Johnathan. Friends discover that it is important to give each other the "rope" of love and caring. They compared their friendship to the Boss who was always there for them just as he was for King David.

Sample of script:

George and Dad walk on stage from different locations

Dad: Hi George, how are you?

George: Hi Dad. OK I guess.

Dad: You guess? Thought you were going skiing with your friends.

George: Well, I heard it was cold up on the mountain.

Dad: That would likely be both true and necessary. Hard to hold onto snow when the temperature hits 98.

George: How am I supposed to go if it’s cold, person could freeze to death.

Dad: This may sound very surface but have you thought of dressing up a bit? Just dress up, away you go, not a problem.

George: Dress up in . . . what?

Dad: Clothing would be a prime suggestion.

George: Clothing is good, but I don’t have anything except short sleeved shirts, that could be cold.

Dad: No sweaters?

George: Not one.

Dad: Maybe go buy a sweater?

George: No mon.

Dad: That will make it pretty impossible to go skiing then won’t it?

George: No fun. Get it, dad, not one, no mon, no fun, your son. Give you any ideas dear father of mine? Not one, no mon, no fun, your son. Get the message?

Dad: You gotta know I got it son.

George: And what do you say dear old dad?

Dad: I say: poor lad, too bad, how sad, your dad.

George: That likely would mean no to an advance on next year’s allowance, am I right?

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