Lady No One Loved

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Joshua 2,6

Categories: Bible Characters, Children, Monologue, Women
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Rahab, remembered as the prostitute in Jericho, who hid the spies sent by Joshua, tells her story. This script is designed for younger audiences. Rahab shows the importance of being used by God. Through her faith and righteousness she is not only used but is one of only four women mentioned by Matthew in the genealogy of Jesus.

Sample of script:

Did you see that?That woman saw me coming, looked away, crossed the street.And that woman over there . . . with the two children . . see how she scurries the children away, as if by seeing me the children would somehow be left scarred!

It’s this way all the time. I am treated like dirt under the feet of those people. I am the lady no one loves.Little did they know what God was planning to do in my life.Yes, and how God was about to use me in His Master Plan.

See, I was an innkeeper in a city called Jericho. (pause) An innkeeper. I had a place where people stayed for the night. Kind of like an hotel. (pause, smile) No, I was not rich, mine wasn’t a big fancy hotel, like the ones downtown, in the rich part of town. In fact my inn was right against the outside wall of the city, just beside the gates. I even had a window that was on the city wall, so, perhaps . . if one were to climb out that window, and down a rope, why that person would be able to conveniently, and quickly, leave the city, without being noticed.

And there were many times when the guests in my inn desired to leave unnoticed . . . and quickly. My guests sometimes were not . . well, they were not from the better families, or, in other cases, they did not want others to know who they were, or what business they were about.

So it was one late afternoon when two men knocked on my door, seeking accommodation.

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