Lamb of God Clown Communion

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 22:19-20

Categories: Clowning
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Clowns teach us a valuable lesson about Communion.


The original script was contributed by Reverend Floyd Shaffer who gave permission for an adaptation by David Suhs. The subsequent adaptation was contributed to the United Methodist Church's Chrysalis Youth Spiritual Weekend Program.



Cast: 2 clowns (Clown 1 and Clown 2)


1. Large gift-wrapped box containing:

a. small creche

b. small loaf of French bread

c. wooden cross, approx. 12" high

d. crown of thorns, approx. 6" diam.

e. white cloth napkin

f. cut masonry nails, 1 for each participant

2. Gift tag on box saying "FROM GOD" on one side and "TO YOU" on the other

3. On altar: Communion cup filled with grape juice and Communion plate /basket

4. Short piece of string or bright-colored yarn

5. Large Cross pendant or Chrysalis cross pendant

6. Small table or stool

7. Taped music: Recommend Songs for Worship, Vol. 11 by John Michael Talbot, copyright 1985, The Sparrow Corp. Play "Lamb of God" followed by "I am the Resurrection."

Skit begins with empty stage or chancel area except for small stool or table in the center. The Gift Box should be hidden nearby out of sight of the audience. No music at this time.

Clown 1 enters from the back of audience with string on finger. Clown 1 pantomimes trying to remember why string is on finger (scratch head, periodically eyes look up as if thinking). Clown 2 enters from side or back of the audience wearing cross pendant. Clown 2 approaches Clown 1 and points to string and seems to ask why? Clown 1 mimes "I don't know!" (Shrugs shoulders)

Clown 1 ponders for a moment then recognizes with a double-take the cross around the neck of Clown 2, as if to say "Ah-Ha!" Clown 1 holds cross in one hand and indicates to Clown 2 that this is what the string is all about. Clown 1 tells Clown 2 to stay put as Clown 1 shows Clown 2 and the audience the large gift tag labeled "FROM GOD" on one side and "TO YOU" on the other.

Clown 2 acknowledges, wondering what is in the box. Clown 1 opens the box. Clown 1 hands the loaf of bread, wrapped in napkin, with two hands to Clown 2. Clown 2 lifts bread with two hands up high as if in thanks to God. Eyes of both clowns should look heavenward. Clown 2 freezes with the bread offered up.


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