Look What Youve Done

Cast Number: 6

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis

Categories: Human Video, Music Enhanced Scripts
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Human video, (mime to music), with opening and mid-song drama to the song, “Look what you’ve done” by Tree63.
In the drama portion 3 teens complain about the fact that no one, including parents, does anything for them, gives no freedom. There is a short spoken drama at the beginning, then these 3 teens watch, silent, reacting as the group of actors perform the “human video” miming to the words in the song. Gradually one of the teens is overwhelmed by the words and mimed reaction to the song, and joins those who are miming. A second teen eventually also joins the mimes, leaving only one teen who angrily storms off the stage. The thought here is that all people will hear God’s message, some will quickly respond favourably, others eventually, while others will refuse to accept God’s call.The gist of the song is “look what God has done for me” and the question asked in the song is: “with all God had done, how could I ask for more, but more, what can I do for Him?”
Does not include a video, or the music. A video of this song can be seen at:
We recommend 3 speaking parts and 3 or more non-speaking parts.