Looking Ahead And Back

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Revelation 3:20

Categories: New Years, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       New Years is an appropriate time to look back at the old year, forward to the new year, and to decide what we can take with us into the new year, and what we need to leave behind. And who, or what, do we want to crown king of our life for the year ahead?


Bible Reference:      Revelation 3:/p>


Cast:         4, male or female, likely late teens or older


Set:          blank with a table and chair


Sound, Costumes:    standard


Props:        book


Time:        8


Sample of script:


Owen comes onstage, sits at table, picks up a book, flips through pages, starts to read, interested

After a short time Aubrey & Dallas come on stage, cross to Owen


Dallas:       Hey Owen.


Owen doesn’t react, continues to read, Dallas touches Owen’s shoulder


Dallas:       Seems like you’re lost in that book of yours Owen.


Owen:       Sorry Dallas, not my book, just found it here, but gotta say some interesting reading.


Aubrey, looks over Owen’s shoulder at book, speaks:
Hmmmm, . . . New Years Traditions . . .


Kelly:        I see that Aubrey . . . . Planning your New Years resolutions are you Owen?


Owen:       No Kelly, I have pretty much given up on making New Years resolutions.


Dallas:       Last year I make a resolution to lose 15 pounds. . . . . and I gained 8 pounds before my resolution was a month old.


Kelly:        Don’t think that’s the way New Years resolutions are supposed to work Dallas.


Aubrey:      Can anyone tell me what, after all, is the philosophical reasoning behind making resolutions, at New Years or any other time? . . . I mean what value is there in making resolutions??


Dallas:       In spite of my not so good success on my weight loss resolution, I think resolutions can be a good thing. I mean we should likely be assessing what is going on in all areas of our lives and, where necessary, make changes.


Aubrey:      OK I’ll give you that, but why do that at the stressful post-Christmas season?


Owen:       I saw an article back a bit that was floating the idea of making New Years resolutions in February, after the Christmas and year end rush.


Kelly:        I can see both sides of that argument . . . February gives some breathing time after the holiday season, and that’s good. But February can easily slide into March and we just never get around to tackling important life changes.


Owen:       Friend of mine tells me that making New Years resolutions shows people around him that he is an “in-charge” kinda guy, in control of himself and his destiny. . .  The kinda guy not controlled by circumstance, or controlled by the way the stars align, or counting on lady luck.


Dallas:       Not sure how useful that is, although I guess it might show others you are someone who will, or at least can, make your own life choices.


Aubrey:      But the flip side of that is when the New Years resolution goes south the fella has egg all over his face, in full view of friends.


Kelly:        OK, OK, but with all the failures and stress . . . I mean, why bother with resolutions? . .  Why not just, from time to time, set out to do better in managing your health, or being more money conscious, or whatever the issue might be?


Dallas:       Seems to me, Kelly, that setting goals is all about seeking happiness. There is a sense of purpose, a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of pleasure in achieving goals we have set.


Aubrey:      Dallas, not much happiness comes from setting goals that never are realized.


Dallas:       But we don’t set goals to fall short of those goals, and, thing is, each time we try there is that happy feeling about giving your best shot.


Owen:       You just might be on to something there Dallas. . . And more than at anytime of the year, New Years Day is full of hope and the pursuit of happiness.


Kelly:        When did New Years Day actually start?


Aubrey:      Guess that goes way back to 45BC when Julius Caesar decided the previous calendar system didn’t work . . . and the Julian calendar was born.


Kelly:        I did not know that Mr. (Miss) Fountain of Knowledge! . . . And just how did Julius Caesar decide that January 1st should be New Years Day?


Aubrey:      From what I’ve read it seems that the first month on the new calendar was named for the Roman god Janus. He was the god of gateways, doors and beginnings. So being the beginning month of the year January seemed to make sense.
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