Mary Of Magdala

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 8:1-3

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue, Women
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Theme:       The woman we know so well, and yet know so little. Mary Magdalene, or Mary of Magdala, the woman from whom Jesus drove seven demons, and she who was one of the few mentioned as being present at the crucifixion death, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus. Remarkably Mary Magdalene is mentioned more often in the Bible than several of the apostles. Mary travelled with Jesus and helped support him through her resources, meaning she was wealthy.
This remarkably well written piece by very gifted storyteller Robert (Bob) Ward opens new windows to our knowledge of the contribution of Mary of Magdala.


Bible Reference:      Luke 8:1-3


Cast:         1 female


Set, Sound:    standard


Costumes:    likely, (but not necessarily), traditional


Time:        10 minutes


Sample of script:


actor comes onstage


I was born in an obscure fishing village called Magdala by the Sea of Galilee.  I never knew my father, for my mother was a prostitute, who plied her trade with any man who would meet her price.  I was the unwelcome consequence of one of those meetings.


I cannot boast of a meaningful relationship with my mother, for she slept late into the day and seldom showed interest in me even when she did rise from her bed.  The other children in our village were forbidden to play with me, but that did not stop some of them from calling me terrible names or throwing stones.  Thus I spent my early childhood in lonely solitude.  To avoid their taunts and the stones I often left the village to walk alone in the countryside.  There I developed imaginary friends who spoke with me, played games, and listened to my problems. 


We lived adequately during those early years, but that began to change by the time I turned ten, as my mother’s customer base began to wane.  At least then I had a better opportunity to tell my mother of my imaginary friends and of the adventures we enjoyed together. 


It was then that my mother introduced me to a man named Simon, who said that he wanted to use my stories to entertain people.  I eagerly agreed, for finally it made me feel like I was worth something. 


But soon Simon wanted me to tell more than my stories.  He wanted me to tell others their stories.  He gave me little details about the lives of those he took me to see and then encouraged me to use my imagination to tell them what was going to happen to them in the future.  


“How can I know their futures?” I thought.  But Simon offered us needed money in exchange for my predictions and I was so anxious to help that I just did it.


To my amazement people began coming to me, not only from Magdala, but from as far south as Judea, as far west as the sea and as far north as Tyre.  Simon began to call me “Mary Magdalene, the one who sees all and knows all!”  After so many years of scorn and ridicule it felt wonderful to be sought.


But over time a strange heaviness began to descend upon me.  It felt like my imaginary friends were taking over my life.  They invaded my dreams with ghastly images that made me afraid to sleep at night.  During the day I began to cut myself and to beat my head with rocks.


Then suddenly when I was fourteen, my mother died of a massive hemorrhage.  She was buried outside our village in an unmarked grave.  I found myself alone with Simon, a man I had come to despise and who now wanted more from me than fortune telling.  I wanted to run away, but where was I to go?  I had no skills except for fortune-telling, which was sucking the life out of me.  I began to long for death as my only way out. 


But then I heard news about a man named Jesus who was traveling about Judea and Samaria and Galilee.  I heard that He healed the sick and cast out demons.  Could such a man deliver me from my misery?  I began crying out to Him in my spirit.  I could not utter His name out loud, for my jaw would lock up every time I tried.  But I resolved that if He ever came to our village I would try to see Him.


Finally, one day I heard that He was coming to us in a boat from the other side of the Sea of Galilee.  I had to sneak away from my home, for Simon had forbidden me to see Him.  As I headed for the seaside the voices inside me began screaming at me to turn back.  In agony I forced one foot in front of the other until I came to the shore just as He was arriving with some other men. 


Immediately when He stepped ashore He was surrounded by religious leaders who began to demand that He show them some sign from heaven.  Whatever He said in response I could not hear, for the voices inside me were screaming vile blasphemies that must have also been coming from my mouth.  I fell to the ground and began to writhe in agony.


He saw me.  For in instant our eyes locked and He approached me.  “Be quiet and come out of her!” He cried.  And suddenly the voices ceased and I was still.  He took my hand and lifted me from the ground.  He peered into my eyes as if He were seeing my entire soul.  I trembled.


“Do not be afraid, daughter of Israel,” He said gently to me.  “Satan has tormented you these many years, but now you are free.  Go to your home and gather your belongings.  From now on you will follow Me.”


“But what about Simon?” I asked.  “I am his livelihood.  He will forbid me to go.”


“He will not stop you,” Jesus simply replied.

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