Meeting Between Two Mothers

Cast Number: 14

Run-time:60 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 22:21

Categories: Easter, Family, Melodramas, Mother, Mothers Day, Women
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Mothers of Jesus and Judas meet on a dusty Jerusalem street a week after the crucifixion, includes Upper Room scene and conversations, communion. One of our most popular scripts, now selected by more than 35,000 churches, schools and groups for major Christian skit, church drama and outreach ministry.

What if the mother of Jesus and the mother of Judas had been friends as children, had drifted apart as young women, and if they then came back together through the association between their sons? Did this actually happen? Not likely. But, what if . . . ?
And what if, just a short time after the crucifixion, these two women had met on a dusty street in some small town? What would have been their actions, reactions, words, thoughts, emotions?
We know from the Bible that Judas’ father was Simon Iscariot; nothing is recorded of his mother. For this drama, we have created a mother, and we have named her Rebecca. In developing the characters of Mary and Rebecca, we have tried very hard to be as technically correct as we are able. We have tried even harder not to sensationalize, more importantly not to trivialize, any of the participants in this Bible happening. We have also come from the belief that had the incidents in this drama actually happened, a very dominating driving force in the hearts and minds of both Mary and Rebecca would, by nature, have to be one of motherly dedication and love, each for her own son. And having these very human motherly inclinations, the overriding feeling in the hearts of each mother would have to have been a belief that the other woman’s son had been responsible for the death of her own son. For we believe that, whatever roles God dictated that these two women played in the history of mankind, each of these women was, first, last and always, a very human person, with very human feelings, a mother. And these human feelings would make these people act, and react, in a very predictable, very “motherly” way.
Our prayer is that in our handling of these sensitive issues we have been reasonably successful, and that our humble efforts are “an acceptable offering”.

- Mary, mother of Jesus, middle age
- Rebecca, mother of Judas, middle age
- Jesus
- Judas (a taller person, sharp features for profile view)
- 11 disciples

A very bare stage with a table at Upstage Center. The women should act as close to the audience as is possible.

The first part of the drama will have voices pre-taped and actors will mime the thoughts. This is done to drive home the fact that, in the early stages of this meeting, the emotions of the two women are simply too raw to allow them to speak to each other. It is only after they have thought through their emotions that the women come back to a point where they can talk openly. Therefore, voices will need to be taped in advance, ensure that the actors have very carefully memorized these taped lines in order that they can “react” properly to the thoughts as they are played back.

Sample of script

Mary, mother of Jesus enters stage from left, Rebecca, mother of Judas from right. They are obviously deep in thought, heads bowed. They meet in the middle, almost running into each other yet they scarcely look up. Just as they go to move away (at which time their backs are to each other) both stop and look up and out into the audience. Both appear to think for a moment then a look of recognition comes to their faces. Tape on as actresses react to the thoughts spoken.
Mary, mother of Jesus: I'm sure that was Rebecca, the wife of Simon Iscariot, you know, Rebecca, mother of Judas. I haven't seen her since, since the day my son, Jesus was, was killed. Not that I want to see her, much less to talk to her.
Rebecca, mother of Judas: Do my eyes deceive me, or was that Mary, mother of Jesus? I had just assumed that Mary returned to Nazareth after, after her Son was, was, you know, taken.
Mary, mother of Jesus: What right does she have to be here? Surely the family of Simon Iscariot has already caused enough pain and suffering.
Rebecca, mother of Judas: Oh how the sight of Mary takes me back in memory. Far before the awful experience of the cross, Mary and I were children together in Nazareth. We were best friends. We played together. We dreamed of the future. The men we would meet and marry. The fine sons we would raise to bring pride to our families and glory to God. Oh that the reality could be as pleasant as the dreams.
Mary, mother of Jesus: Always we dreamed how our sons would be best friends, - just as we were best friends. Best friends indeed! Better for me and for all of mankind had we never heard the name of Judas, son of Rebecca and Simon Iscariot.
Rebecca, mother of Judas: I remember how we always stood up for each other when other children would mistreat us. You see, we were friends!
Mary, mother of Jesus: When I became pregnant all of my friends and neighbors believed that my situation was scandalous and that I should be stoned. Well - not all of my friends. Rebecca always defended me. Rebecca was so kind to me. How could the kindness of Rebecca create the evil of Judas?
Rebecca, mother of Judas: I remember how difficult it was for Mary when the whole town turned against her. I pleaded with everyone, especially with Joseph, that they would see God's hand in this pregnancy. But no one would listen to me. So I prayed that God would speak to Joseph. And God answered my prayer. One day Joseph stood up to the crowds and came to Mary's defense.

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