Mite and Mighty Giving

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Mark 12:42

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue
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The widow who gave the two mites gave her all. Was it inspired and dedicated giving which we should emulate or foolish extravagance and showmanship?
A current day “poor” lady contemplates her giving compared to Biblical suggestion.

Sample of script:

Actor comes on stage

I am home!
How are you husband? . . Did you eat properly?
Yes, it was a busy day, a long day at the artisan’s market. . . But even so a profitable day.
Today I sold ten of my paintings, each for $35.
The most popular by far is the scene of the cabin by the mountain stream.
Folks seem to like that one.
Yes dear, I remember when we visited that area near the mountains, before you . . took ill.
One day we will visit it again, when your health will allow it.
Don’t talk like that, of course you will get better! . . Why even today I see more color in your cheeks, your eyes more clear.
I walked by the Queen’s House shelter on the way home.
So many homeless women and their children are in such desperate circumstances there, lost and alone.
I just can’t imagine what it must be like.
No home. . . .No income. . . . No one to support you.
Yes, I am truly blessed.
I have you.
Anyway, I know every penny we have is precious, but seeing the women and their children sitting there, hopeless and spent, I just couldn’t help myself, I went in and gave the receptionist $100.
I only intended to give her a twenty when I went in but . .
There was this child, a little girl, about five I would guess, but small for her age, skinny, undernourished, bruises on her arms and legs.
She said, “Lady, are you going to live here with us?”
I told her no, I have a home to go to, a husband.
And she said, “Did you come here ‘cause he yelled at you, beat you?”
I said my husband never yells or beats me.
She just kinda smiled and said, “Yeah my Daddy told my Mommy the same thing, not to say anything to anyone or he would just make it worse for us.”
“But you can talk to me,” she said, “I ain’t gonna rat on you, I promise.”
I asked her about her brothers and sisters . . she said the lady from Welfare took them away because of what her daddy had done to them.
My heart just broke for her.
So young. . . So hopeless.
What future?
Anyhow I gave the receptionist $100.
I know we needed it here, after all charity does begin at home.
But we have so much, I have so much.
It’s not much but we do have your insurance . . and I make out OK with my paintings.
But that little girl has nothing . .
No money.
No hope.
As I left the shelter, walking home, I expected I would feel really good, and, well, kinda self-righteous even.
I felt cheap and callous and . .
I couldn’t help thinking about what that little girl and her mom could have done if I had given all of the $350.
What if I gave all?

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