Mom’s My One In A Million

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Proverbs 1:8

Categories: Family, Monologue, Mother, Mothers Day, Prayer, Women
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Theme:       A tribute to a faithful, praying, guiding Mother and the impact she has now and for all time. Shows the power of personalized prayer.
Useful for Mother’s Day or anytime


Bible Reference:      Proverbs 1:8


Cast:         1 (m or f)


Set, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Time:        5


Sample of script:      


actor comes onstage, humming tuneless tune, deep in thought, wanders for a few seconds, suddenly becomes aware of audience


Hey, didn’t see you there.

I was like . . .  thinking I guess.

Remembering kinda.

People I have known, over the years.

Some folks, you know, come into your life, stay a bit, leave, but promise to think of you, come back one day. . . . Promise to pray for you.

Some of those folks, you never hear from them again.

And you know their offer to pray drifted away, much like their promise to come back, visit.

Look, that sort of thing just happens, seems like.

We all get busy, new commitments, new friendships, new . . . everything really.

But then there are some folks, they pop back into your life from time to time.

Until you yourself go through lonely, alone times, you don’t know just how important those folks are, coming back and all, . . .  when they come back, that is.

And I am so thankful for those friends.

But then there there’s that extraordinary friend.

One in a million friend is the way I think of them.

The one that stays. . . . 

Day in and day out.

A presence you can feel, sense, know for a certainty.

You know that friend is one who cares, and is like . . . “there”, whether you are next door or a continent away.

And that “one in a million friend” . . . . doesn’t need to tell you she is praying for you.

There is simply not a doubt. . day after day . . in good times and bad . . she is praying for you.

Not in a general way . . . but praying for you . . . specifically. . . .  For . .  you!

Fact is, I know what I am talking about!

I got me a one in a million friend.

My one in a million friend has known me from way back . . . actually before I was born even.

My one in a million friend, we have been through a lot together.

And we have been together a lot, side by side, . . . not every day of course. . .  Sometimes life just doesn’t allow that.

But this I know. . . .

Whether we are together or many miles apart . . .

Not one day in my life has gone by that my one in a million friend hasn’t held me up in prayer.

Not a general kinda “God bless that person, Amen” type of thing.


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