Monument to a Miracle

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Joshua 3,4

Categories: Sermon Starter, Thanksgiving
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God's goodness is celebrated when a father and son discuss how the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on dry ground. It also speaks of the symbolism of the Ark of the Covenant and of the monument which was erected as a tribute of glory and praise and thanksgiving to God. This drama speaks on the importance of these symbols in the lives of ourselves and those who come after us.

Sample of script:

Eli: See the pile of rocks there beside the river, Father. Somebody must have worked really hard to get that one away up on top. Why would they do that Father?

Joseph: That, son, is the monument. The monument to Jehovah.

Eli: A monument to Jehovah? What is the monument for, Father.

Joseph: You yourself, son, are the answer to your own question.

Eli: Please, Father. You are talking in riddles, I cannot understand. Tell me about this, please.

Joseph: Very well, Eli, I will tell you. You will recall me telling you about when I was your age, how for many years we wandered through the desert under the leadership of Moses.

Eli: Yes, Father, I remember.

Joseph: Well it was at this point that through the grace of the Lord God Jehovah we were permitted to walk across this the mighty Jordan river to safety.

Eli: Walk? But this river would not permit swimming across, let alone walking across. Do you mean that once this land was barren and dry, with no water in this riverbed?

Joseph: No. my son. It was harvest time and the river was full to overflowing it's banks. More full and faster flowing even than that which you see in front of you today.

Eli: But father, how then if the river was full were our people able to walk across? How did you do it, Father?

Joseph: Because our way was cleared by the Lord God Jehovah, Himself. It was God who enabled us to cross.

Eli: Enabled? How did He do that Father?

Joseph: Jehovah commanded Joshua, our leader, to bring all of our people to the shore of the Jordan, just there on the other side. We all were instructed to follow about half a mile behind the priests who were carrying the Ark of the Covenant.

Eli: The Ark of the Covenant? That is the one in the temple in Shiloh, isn't it Father?

Joseph: Yes, son, the Ark of the Covenant is now in Shiloh. But back in the days when our people wandered in the desert we had the Ark with us, carried by the priests.

Eli: What is the Ark of the Covenant, Father? What is it's meaning?

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