Not For The Average Senior

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Comedy, Family, Mother, Seniors, Women
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Theme:       A drama for promoting the church seniors group. Being a senior does not mean acting old!

Cast:         2, m or f
Betty – grandmother (senior)
Stefanie – granddaughter, teen


Set:          bare stage with 2 chairs side by side


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:  standard


Time:       5


Sample of script:      


Betty is sitting in a chair, trying to look depressed.  Stephanie is off in a corner of the stage – visible to the audience, but not too close to Betty.


Betty, moans:  Oh, woe is me.  OOHHH! 
(looking around to make sure people are listening) 
OOOHHH, I’m just finished!


Stephanie:    What do you mean, Grandma? 


Betty:        Oh, Stephanie.  My dear, sweet, young, granddaughter.  You just wouldn’t understand what I am talking about. 


Stephanie:    Okay, Grandma!  Whatever you say! 


Stephanie shrugs shoulders, walks away


Betty:        Oh, wait!  Don’t you want to hear about my problems? 


Stephanie:    But you just said . . .


Betty:        Forget about that, and come and listen to your old, feeble Grandmother. 


Stephanie:    Feeble?  (thinking)  So, Joey was right!


Betty:        I beg your pardon! What did your brother say about me being feeble?


Stephanie:    Oh, nothing, Grandma. 


Betty:        Hmm.  I will have to keep my eye on that one.  Anyway, back to my horrible, lonely existence.


Stephanie:    Grandma, is this going to take long?  ‘Cause if it is, then I have to call Marcy.  We’re meeting at the mall in three hours.


Betty, angry:  You sit right down, young lady and listen to what your Grandmother has to tell you about aging!  This is what you have to look forward to! 


Stephanie, sighs, sits down
Sounds great, Grams.


Betty:        There!  (points at Stephanie)  There it is! 


Stephanie:    What?


Betty:        The blatant disrespect that we as an aged community deal with on a daily basis.


Stephanie:    Who?


Betty:        Us old folks!

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