Now I Lay Me

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 7:14

Categories: Prayer, Sermon Starter
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Bedtime Prayer Little Joey says his prayer before going to bed, and to his surprise God answers back. God helps a little one understand what he is praying about, and what he is asking for.

Sample of script:

Child’s prayer:

Child: Now I lie me down to sleep

Voice: You’ve had a busy day, Joey, you must be tired!

Child: Who are you? How did you know my name was Joey?

Voice: I’m God. You are talking to me, remember?

Child: Hey, that’s ‘way cool! How do you do that?

Voice: Do what?

Child: Talk to kids like me, like that.

Voice: It’s because I’m here with you, always, ready to talk with you. But when folks are talking to me, I try to be especially available.

Child: People talk to you?

Voice: Of course. Just like you are talking to me now.

Child: Excuse me, but I better finish my prayers, Mom’ll get mad if I take too long.

Voice: You mean, your mom doesn’t want you to talk to me.

Child: Actually, my Mom doesn’t want me to talk to strangers.

Voice: I beg your pardon? Me, a stranger?

Child: Well, least I never hear my Mom talking to you, except sometimes when Grandma and Grampa come to visit she says grace before we eat. Ooops, Mom’s looking in here, I gotta get going with my prayers! Where was I? Oh, yeh, I pray the Lord . . . .

Voice: Who is “the Lord”, Joey?

Child: Who?

Voice: The Lord. You know, like you just said, “I pray the Lord”.

Child: Oh, that. I’m not sure really. It’s just what Mom told me to remember to say when I say my prayers.

Voice: You mean your mom told you what to say, but she didn’t explain what the words meant?

Child: My mom likes to keep things simple, she’s real busy you know, and I’m just a kid. Look, I gotta get to bed, let’s see . .. I already said: I pray the Lord, next comes, my soul to keep.

Voice: What’s your soul, Joey?

Child: Soul? I dunno, let’s see, has something to do with your shoes I think.

Voice: Shoes? So now I’m in charge of shoes?

Child: I said I wasn’t for sure about the shoes thing! So here we go then, if I should die before I wake. . . .

Voice: Do you think you might die tonight?

Child: Me? Die? Of course not! I’m just a kid! Kids don’t die! Old people, they die!

Voice: What about Tony Adams, down the street? He died.

Child: Sure, but he had leukemia or something.

Voice: Tommy didn’t always have leukemia, Joey. Once he was healthy, just like you. Then one day he got sick.

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