One Such As I

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Ephesians 1:4

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue
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What would it be like to be a low-profile follower of Jesus when all about are women like Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, so many other well known disciples? How can Jesus consider us important when we feel so much less important than some other Christians? To know we were chosen, and therefore worthy, is truly amazing!

Sample of script:

actress comes on stage, looks to different parts of the stage, smiles, shakes her head, sighs

Look at them.
It really is amazing you know!
All of the amazing women who follow the Master.
Look, over there . . . there is the widow Elizabeth, from Tiberias.
An unbelievable lady.
listening to someone in audience, frowns
You don’t recognize her?
Elizabeth was married to Eli, a wealthy fisherman from Tiberias. After Eli died Elizabeth met the Master . . . .
frowns in unbelief, repeats slowly as though speaking to children
The . . Master.
The . . Saviour.
Jesus, the Christ, the prophet of Nazareth.
slight smile as though the other person is starting to understand
Yes, the Master. Jesus and his disciples, me included, were travelling from Nazareth to Bethsaida. Along the way Jesus announced that we would make a detour, to the little village of Tiberias. The news was something less than welcome to the ears of the followers. Firstly all were tired of the dusty roads and the hot Galilean sun. And what Jew longed to stop at a town which was known by the despised name of the Emperor Tiberias?
But one thing all of us, even Peter, had learned, when the master made a decision . . . well, just best don’t try to convince him otherwise.
As we approached the town Jesus asked a boy who passed by where might be the home of Elizabeth, the widow of Eli, the fisherman. Happily the lad invited Jesus to follow as he took us to the home of Elizabeth.
smiles, shakes head
Amazing, the way children took to the master!
I remember, one other time, Peter and the others, shouting at the children:
speaks in loud, deep, angry voice
“Leave the Teacher alone! Do you think the prophet has come to waste his time on ignorant, ragamuffin infants? Now leave before you come to know the toe of my sandal!”
Ahh, yes, but Jesus was there, and his gaze and his words made short work of the men’s objections, for a fact!
speaks in firm loving voice
“Do nothing to prevent the little ones from coming to me, for their reward is the kingdom of heaven. Yes, and learn from these little ones, since it is only through childlike innocence that any of you will truly understand the reason my Father sent me.”
smiles, chuckles, then looks out into the audience, frowns, remembers her story
Sorry, well, as Andrew says, I often do go off on a tangent, forgive me.
Like I was saying, the lad took us to the house of the widow Elizabeth.
begins to frown
As we neared her home my ears picked up the sound of tormented crying!
Elizabeth’s family and friends filled the house and overflowed into the street; crying, wailing.
“I have come to talk with Elizabeth,” Jesus said.

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