Operation Subtle Lies

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 12:22

Categories: Everyday Productions, Halloween
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In the Operation Planning room in hell, Satan's army are planning to use Halloween to capture hearts and thoughts

Sample of script:

Scene starts with all characters except Horrid rushing around, moving the items on the planning board, generally being busy.

Enter Horrid

Sulphur: Ten 'shun. Field Marshall Horrid present in Operations.

[All activity stops and all characters stand to attention, saluting Horrid]

Horrid: As you were.

[Activity starts up again]

How goes the battle plans then, Sulphur.

Sulphur: Better than expected, Sir. We’ve identified some areas of enemy activity where we know we’ll be able to secure a major stronghold if we plan right.

Horrid: Very good Sergeant. Demonstrate, please.

Sulphur: [Leads Horrid to the operations table, pointing as he speaks] This here is where we lost a battle only last week. Suffered minor casualties only, and we have re-grouped and planned an attack to regain that ground within the month.

Horrid :And who’s in charge of this part of the campaign?

Sulphur: Corporal Chaos, Field Marshall Horrid, Sir.

Horrid: Chaos eh? He’s a tireless worker. It’s about time we promoted him. I’ll see how he performs on this one. Meanwhile, get him in here, I want a word.

Sulphur: Certainly, sir. [Shouts] Chaos. Get here.

[Enter Chaos at a run]

Chaos: Yes Sir, what is it. [Notices Horrid, and stands to attention, saluting] Sorry Sir, didn’t notice you there Sir, what can I do for you Sir?

Horrid: At ease Corporal. Sergeant Sulphur tells me that you’re in charge of a campaign to regain lost ground.

Chaos [Still standing stiffly to attention] Yes Sir. That’s right Sir.

Horrid: Tell me a little about it, Corporal.

Chaos: Yes Sir, thank you Sir. It’s called Operation Subtle Lies, Sir.

Horrid: How does it work?

Chaos: What we’ve done is re-invented an old festival and had it widely accepted in one part of the battle zone. It’s working very well at the moment. Most people haven’t recognised its dangers. What we’re trying to do is establish that festival in the area we’ve got the problem. It’s slow going, but in conjunction with a few other campaigns, I think it will work quite well.

Horrid: Very good, Corporal. And the name of this festival?

Chaos: Halloween, Sir.