Perfection From Imperfection

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: 2.Samuel 11

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue
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Bathsheba was not a perfect woman yet, through the will of God, she became an instrument of the coming of the Saviour of the world.

Cast: 1 female

Set: blank

Costumes: traditional likely

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage

Why did I go up on the roof that night?
I mean why?
(shakes her head, pauses)
Who am I trying to fool?
I went up on the roof because I knew . . he . . would be on the palace roof.
He was always on the palace roof at night.
The nights were warm . . oppressive heat . . . and the only escape was the night breezes . . ,
And the roof of the palace was only 20 feet from the roof of my home.
Of Uriah’s home.
So I demanded that my servants prepare my bath on my rooftop . . .
My attendant, Helen, was shocked, she said, “But there will be others on their rooftops . . they may be watching . . .”
To which I replied, “Go on, just do as I ask.”
To which Helen replied, “Then my lady allow us to construct a screen around you so that . . .”
I screamed at her . . . . “Do as you are told, and now!”
I hurried to the rooftop, removed my clothing, and began to bathe.
From the corner of my eye I saw him step foot on the palace roof . . .
My heart beat more quickly . .
I could see that he had noticed me, and saw as he called to one of his aides, pointed toward me.
Soon there was a knock on my door . . .
Helen left to answer, soon came back . . with the . . . proposal. . .
I feigned shock and surprise . .
What was this? . .
The king requested that I come to his chambers?
Coyly I replied . . . “Well if this request came from the king himself . . . what choice would I, his loyal subject, have but to do as I was bidden.”
And so, heart beating wildly, I followed the king’s aide to the palace, and entered the king’s opulent quarters . . .
I mean . . what choice did I have but to serve the king in any way he requested. . . .?
Not even for a second did I give thought to my husband Uriah, him serving on the battle field. After all, Uriah, my foreigner husband, had been gone for months and . . . I was a woman . . alone.
Besides, this man in front of me was the king . . and he had demanded that I appear before him. . .
What was a woman alone to do?
I was, after all, powerless. . . .
Well, . . . I was . . . wasn’t I?
I mean . . . .
It was his fault, I mean, he is a king and I am . . .
He forced me to come to him and he . . .
Oh what’s the use?
I am as guilty as he is!
I . . . Bathsheba.

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