Pray For Peace

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Prayer, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       This drama discusses the difficult subject of armed conflict and war, useful at any time of year including Veterans / Memorial / Remembrance Day. The Christian is called to peaceful conflict resolution, always striving to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Trying to find peace with everyone we can is one of the highest goals that a Christian is supposed to seek.  However there comes a time, after all peaceful alternatives have been exhausted that war may be unavoidable. Some examples of this are situations of self-defence, or where innocent people are being subjected to cruelty or are being invaded.


Bible Reference:     Luke 6: Exodus 22:2, Deuteronomy 24:/p>


Cast:         3, (Male or female, any age)
Maria, is from another country, struggles with language


Set:         blank set with table and chairs, could be signs to indicate a coffee shop


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:  standard


Props:       coffee cups


Special Instructions:  Interchange “Remembrance Day” with “Memorial Day” or “Veterans Day” depending on the country and the occasion in/for which the drama is being performed.


Time:       4


Sample of script:      


Kathy is sitting having coffee, after a few seconds Lisa and Marie come on stage


Lisa:         Hi Kathy, can we join you for a coffee?


Kathy:       Hi Lisa, yes please join me, I’ll go get you a cuppa, my treat, have a seat.


Lisa and Marie, sit down, Kathy brings 2 cups of coffee


Kathy:       Here we go, a cup of the best Joe in town! . .  . Who is your friend Lisa?


Lisa:         Kathy I would like you to meet my new friend Maria. Maria and her family just moved here from Syria, (or any other country), she doesn’t know much English yet but we are working on it.


Kathy and Maria shake hands, Maria appears quite self-conscious


Maria:       Hello . .  thank you.


Kathy:       So nice to meet you Maria, welcome to our country, so nice to have you here!


Maria:       Yes . .  Thank you.


Kathy:       So what are your first impressions of this country, Maria?


Maria:       Yes, . . it is . . nice . . . very good . . . thank you.


Lisa:         Maria and I were just talking about the holiday this weekend and what Veterans Day is all about.


Kathy:       Yes its wonderful, a holiday with pay . .  couldn’t be better.


Maria:       Honor soldiers  . . . in armed forces.


Kathy:       Well, yes, but see, I am a Christian, I don’t believe in war and taking lives.


Maria, big smile:    
I . . Christian . . have Jesus in my heart.


Kathy:       Wonderful, and the Bible tells us we need to live in peace.


Maria:       Peace is good, (sad, shakes head), war is . . bad.


Lisa:         Maria came here to escape the war that is happening in her country.


Maria:       Many people die.


Kathy:       Christians are called to peaceful conflict resolution; we need to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.

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