Prepare The Way

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Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 3:1-12

Categories: Human Video, Monologue, Poetry, Sermon Starter
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Poetess Betty Jean Cleland has written this short poem, dance skit or monologue.
Suggested costume...biblical times Can be done as a rap with one man dressed biblical long dress shirt and vest to his feet and sandals Women are dressed in bright biblical costumes, or more like east Indian wrap dresses with head shawls.
The women are the dancers and they can use their singing voices to emphasize certain verses.
Another version could be with one reader in biblical costume, read carefully and deliberately.

Cast: varies

Sample of script:

Watching, Waiting,
Prophecies againing
Winding its way
Through the desert
Sticky with honey
Locust in his belly
And sandals on his feet
With sandals on his feet

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