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Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Ruth 4

Categories: African-American scripts, Bible Characters, Monologue
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Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, Rahab, Obed.
Many unique and interesting people are found in King David’s family tree, and through him to the Messiah.
What role did these people play?

Costume: likely traditional

Props: chair

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage, reacts as though seeing someone in a downstage location, smiles

Oh my! Will you just see those children at play!
Not just ordinary children.
My grandchildren!
Be honest! Have you ever seen boys so handsome, their hard young muscles built up by their ceaseless activity.
Yes, of course I am prejudiced! These are my grandsons, Jesse’s sons.
Forgive me for feeling sad for other grandfathers whose children do not even come close to displaying the quality of mine.
And lest you think otherwise, it is no chance coincidence which brought together some of the most outstanding people in the history of our people, creating these magnificent children you see before you.
No, no coincidence at all! It was the Lord God Jehovah himself who brought together men and women from across our nation, even from other lands.
Look at them!
Strong, bright, intense and intelligent!
What a blessing, in my old age, to watch them play, learn, develop.
Yes indeed, my old age.
I must rest.

takes a chair

Come, sit with me a while, watch my children at play.
I will tell you about my children.
You must understand that just as the finest livestock have the most distinguished bloodlines, so it is that through the veins of these children flows some of the most influential blood in all the nation.
Forgive me, where are my manners, I did not introduce myself.
I am Obed. Father of Jesse. Grandfather of these gorgeous young children.
Obed, my name, in Hebrew means worshipper or servant.
Appropriate, I think.
When you consider my ancestors, and their incredible qualities, surely I am fit only to be a doorman.

Who are these ancestors you ask?
Consider Boaz, my father. One of the richest and most influential men in all Israel, well respected and fully connected with the who’s who of our nation.
My grandfather, Salomon, Boaz’s father, a Judahite of power and influence.
Jesse, my son, wealthy landowner and father to these gorgeous boys you see here before you.
Oh, sorry, I did previously mention the comely attributes of these children, did I not?

And if you would care to go back further in our lineage, perhaps the names Isaac, Judah and Jacob might impress you.
Or what of Abraham, the father of our race?
This is the blood that courses through the veins of these young men!

And in case you think otherwise, it was not only the male ancestry that are of note.
Consider Ruth, the Moabitess, my mother. She, along with her dear friend and one-time mother-in-law Naomi, two of the most influential women in all history.
Can you imagine the benefit that was mine, playing, learning at the knee of such brilliance?

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