Role Model Women of the Bible

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Run-time:10 min.

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Categories: Bible Characters, Comedy, Monologue, Women
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Throughout the Bible there are women who have claimed a major place in history by stepping up and standing up in faith. These women came from really every possible level: politically, socially, age, and training.
What did these, usually under-qualified ladies have that allowed them to be used by God in such mighty, yet diverse ways? And in the process become role models for all eternity.

This comedy drama examines the roles of the mother of Moses and also Delilah, Ruth, Naomi, Esther, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah, Mary Magdalene and Noah's wife, and the impact which they had.

actor comes on stage

Hey, wow, there are like, a bunch of you guys here!I hate to say this but when I am in front of a bunch of people I get nervous.And I hear the butterflies starting to sing right now. . . so you guys in the front row, better watch it.

I was gonna tell all of you about a project I have going on right now.I mean, everybody has a project, right?

My best friend she is busy with a project. . . . Computerized. . . .
Cutting edge . . . .
OK, so she is single, and she has made a database of every eligible bachelor in town. Trouble is when she entered the search criteria for her “perfect man” there was this sickening kind of laughter poured out of the computer, followed by sobbing and wailing. Now she has to carry out her project with pencil and paper . . and much prayer.

But like I say, me, I too got a project.
I am doing a study of the famous women of the Bible.

Amazing! Some of these ladies came from nowhere and blossomed into amazing creatures, greatly used by God.
Others rose like bright comets, with great glory . . . and fizzled and went down in a dazzling display of mediocrity.

Example, Delilah. Delilah was way up there, on top of the world. Last we hear of Delilah she sets up a discount men’s hair styling salon. . . . . I think it was. I think.

I gotta tell you, I worry about this project of mine. I mean I want to be true to the word of God, and I want to be fair to those who might hear the results of my research. So I worry, know what I mean?

But this guy I know, he gave me good advice. He said don’t let your worries get the best of you, after all Moses started out as a basket case. . . .

(pauses, looks around)

In case you missed it, that was a Biblically based joke.
(pauses, looks around)
A basket case.
Moses’ mom put him in a basket and put him in the water.
A . . basket . . . case.
(pauses, looks around)

OK, I see what they say about Christian audiences.
From here on in we will maybe try avoiding humour.
But back to my project . . . quickly.

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