Seeking Godly Wisdom

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:20 min.

Bible Reference: Proverbs

Categories: Comedy, Women
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This comedy deals with women's meeting where they are . . kinda . . . seeking Godly wisdom. What is the source of wisdom?
As is written in Proverbs, Show me a man with wisdom and I will show you a man who is wise. (pause, think) Or was that in Better Homes and Gardens? Regardless, the fact still is that . . .

Sample of script:

ladies are sitting at the table

Lydia: Ladies, may I call us to order please. Let the record show that the Every Third Thursday Night at Seven PM Women’s Auxiliary meeting convened precisely at, (looks at watch), seven-thirty.

Cynthia: Excuse me, Lydia.

Lydia: The chair recognizes member Cynthia. Will this be new business or old business, member Cynthia?

Cynthia: Not sure. I just wonder why it is that we call this the Every Third Thursday Night at Seven PM Women’s Auxiliary when we meet once a month on Wednesday at seven-thirty.

Clara: You are new, aren’t you Cynthia?

Cynthia: Well, actually, I have been attending this group for eleven years now.

Clara: Exactly. A newcomer. Well personally I have been a member in good standing for going on twenty-one years now, and Millie over there, why she has been coming for nigh onto twenty-eight years, haven’t you Millie?

Millie is motionless, just sits there

Clara: Millie?

Lydia: My guess is that Millie has forgotten to turn on her hearing aid again.

Clara walks in front of Millie, shouts in her face

Clara: Can you hear us Millie?

Millie comes to life, startled, jumps up

Millie: I second the motion and I do believe the resolution is carried. Next item of business if you please.

Lydia: No Millie, we haven’t had any resolutions yet. We are only just now getting underway.

Millie: Santa’s Sleigh? Good project that Santa’s Sleigh, I tell you! Raised a ton of cash over the years, not to mention all of Widow Jones’ preserves that we have supplied to the poor people of our neighbourhood. Ladies, we must never forget that . . .

Millie’s chin falls to her chest, she falls asleep, snoring loudly

Lydia: Yes, well, anyhow, let’s get back to business at hand. Do we have any old business matters that need discussion?

Cynthia: Well, yes, I still didn’t have my question answered, why is it that we call this the Every Third Thursday Night at Seven PM Women’s Auxiliary when we meet once a month on Wednesday at seven-thirty?

Lydia, haughty: Let me phrase this so that everyone, (looks at Cynthia), even newcomers can understand. The Every Third Thursday Night at Seven PM Women’s Auxiliary is . . . tradition. And without . . . tradition . . . we have . . we have . . .

Clara: . . . no tradition.

Lydia: Well spoken, Clara! And now with that behind us, let us press forward. Any old business matters?

Cynthia: Well I was wondering about what progress has been made on the Youth Drop-Inn Center support clothes program.

Millie, wakes up: Support hose? I will have you know I have been wearing support hose for nigh onto eighteen years now. I swear by them, I tell you! Reminds me of the time when old Mrs. Rowney took off her support hose and right there on the spot she just . . .

Millie’s chin falls to her chest and she begins to snore loudly

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