Some are Created Equaler

Cast Number: 8

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: James 2:1-11

Categories: 6-8 Minutes Scripts, Comedy, Valentines/Love
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Playing favourites, when some are considered better than others because of being rich or poor, famous or ordinary. Shows that any form of discrimination is wrong, and foolish. We should not practice favouritism but treat everyone equally, and love our neighbour as ourselves. A Comedy.

Cast: 7, made up of 6 actors, any age or gender plus offstage voice

Set: The focus is on three chairs at center stage, this is to represent the back seat of a car where several people will be required to sit when travelling some distance. In front of the middle chair is the big lump where the power shaft goes through under the car, this can be created with a large stool or pail with some carpet over it.

Sample of script:

1 and 2 come on stage, “check out the car”
1: Lookin’ good is what I see here. Trunk all packed I see, luggage up on top.
2: I am looking forward to our annual sales meeting I tell you, time for some R & R, a little golf, catch a few sunbeams on the beach.
1: Hey, well listen, this here is no picnic I mean, we use these four days for training, budgeting, planning, brain-storming.
2: Hey, everyone knows that, I mean isn't that the way it was all drawn up?
1: Surely was, and that’s exactly what will be our focus throughout the entire four days.
1 and 2, together, high-five, laugh: NOT!
1: Beach volleyball here I come!
2: It's my time to slap on the old suntan lotion!
1: Likely no one so much as cracks open the booklets prepared for us by old Rooney in Finance!
2: How many of the field guys do we have coming along?
1: Most.
2: Most?
1: Guys that didn’t make their sales quota, they get left behind.
2: Is that fair?
1: Nope!
1 and 2, together, high five, laugh: I love it!
3 comes on stage
3: Hey 1, hey 2!
1: 3 old buddy, old pal! You for sure have had some kind of year out in Territory ten! More than double budget on sales! Wow!
2, shows 3 to left chair: Here you go, on this side of the car you will be outta the sun, first class is what, and only the best for the best, I always say!
3: All right!
4 comes on stage
4: Hi guys, am I late?
2: There’s old 4 from Territory nineteen, how are you by now?
4: Doing well, was a decent year for me.
1: Decent he says! Twenty percent above budget is a tad better than “decent” in my books! Here you go, hop in the car here, nice seat for you!
1 guides 4 to right chair
4: Think I will likely catch a few zzz’s on the trip out to the lake.
1: You deserve it is what, you just go right ahead!
5 comes rushing on stage
5: Glad I caught you guys, traffic was like awful on I-66.
2: Oh, hi, 5, you did come close to being left behind, for sure. Here, you come sit in the middle here.
5 struggles to get past 3 on way to center seat, feet on the obstruction, knees up close to chin, looking very uncomfortable
5: This is not real comfortable here, how long will this ride be?
1: Four and a half hours we will be pulling up to the lodge, all going well.
5: You mean I have to sit here like this for four and a half hours? Maybe we could trade off sometimes, I could sit at the outside?
2: You are new 5, let me tell you, this is the way it is. Guy that comes in low on the totem pole, he’s not gonna get the plum seat, that’s just how it is.
3: I did my job, I earned this here seat.
4: Me too, it’s a perk is what it is.

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