Standard Heroes

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: 1.Samuel 17

Categories: Sermon Starter, Sunday School
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Captain Ordinary, the guy who is not a super hero, “just a standard hero,” and his friend “Batboy” (not to be be confused with Batman or Robin), prove that strength is not about what you look like on the outside, it is about how God works on you on the inside.
Based on David and Goliath
This is one of a three part series, also see “Truth is Strength” and “Salvation Through Submission”

Bible Reference: 1 Samuel 17, 1 Samuel 16:1-13

3 m or f, can be played by any age but meant to be teens

Sample of script:

CO (Captain Ordinary) and Batboy are talking as they come on stage

CO: So anyhow, my mom says, “Where ever did you guys come up with that story?”

Batboy: You have got to be kidding me CO!

CO: I tell you Batboy, those were my words, right down to the very last question mark!

Tanya rushes on stage

Batboy: Well I gotta tell you, never in my whole life have I heard anything coming even close to that!

Tanya: Excuse me . . .

CO and Batboy ignore her

CO: I tell you Batboy, some of the stories I could tell you, why just last week . .

Tanya: Thank goodness I have found you, you just gotta help me, I got this . ..

CO: Excuse me . . .?

Tanya: I need a super hero, and quick!

CO, laughs: A super hero . . . I don’t think you will find a super hero around here. Do you know any super heroes Batboy?

Batboy, chuckling: Nope, CO, no caped crusaders in my back yard.

Tanya: Stop clowning around Robin . . .

Batboy: “Robin”? For why are you callin’ me “Robin”?

Tanya: Well your name is Batboy . . You know . . . Batman . . . Robin . . . Batboy.

CO: Hey, that’s rich! “Meet me in the Batmobile, Batboy!”

CO and Batboy doubled over, laughing, Tanya very frustrated

Tanya: You aren’t Robin? Then give me one good reason that you are called “Batboy”.

Batboy: I can give you two actually. . . One my actual name is Cornelius, and I hate that name. . . . Two, I am the batboy on our division twelve baseball team, the Glue Guys, and so the name just kinda, well, stuck.

Tanya, to CO: So are you saying that if he isn’t Robin, then likely you aren’t Batman?

Batboy, laughing: Batman!
(sings theme song)
Da da da da da da da da, Batman!
Now that is rich CO!

CO: Batboy, to the bat cave!

Tanya: Would you two stop clowning around, I am in serious trouble and I was told I would find a super hero here.

CO: Sorry if you were misled . . .

Tanya: Tanya.

CO: Hi Tanya. But I am surely no super hero.

Batboy: Sure that whoever sent you here didn’t say “standard hero”?

Tanya: “Standard hero”?

CO: Yep, I am one of the local standard heroes, pleased to know you; folks around here call me CO.

Tanya: CO?

CO: Yep, stands for Captain Ordinary.

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