Stop Look and Listen Poem

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Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 46:10

Categories: Poetry
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We learn a good lesson from a not-so-fortunate earthworm who doesn’t get a second chance to “Stop, Look and Listen.”
An excellent poem written by master storyteller Carol Warren.

Sample of poem:

Once there was a little worm
He was so short and fat
He didn’t like it very much
But he was made like that
He was about two inches long
And very big around
Because he loved to eat the dirt
The worm lived in the ground
His eyes were behind him
His mouth and nose in front
His nose told him where to go
As food he’d sniff and hunt
His ears were in the middle
Just two little holes
It made it hard for him to hear
So he’d run into moles
His momma told him to beware
The birds that peck and lurk
“Stop, look, and listen,” she would say
“Or you’ll end up with hurt.”
But Junior was a hungry worm
Following his mouth
He never thought to use his eyes
Cause they were to his south
Then one day he surfaced
As he sniffed about
He felt a pain sharp and harsh
Pierce his little snout
He quickly tried to see
But his eyes were in the dirt
He didn’t want it to happen again
Because it really hurt

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