Thanks For Nothing

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: 1.Thessalonians 5:18

Categories: Comedy, Sermon Starter, Thanksgiving
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Being thankful when there seems to be nothing wrong in our life.
In this comedy three people discuss how we all have reason to be thankful when everything is going right.

Bible Reference:     1 Thessalonians 5:/p>


Cast:         3, male or female, likely middle age


Set:         blank set


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:  standard


Props:       none


Time:       5


Sample of Script:      


Mel comes on stage, very distracted, sad

after a few seconds Terry and Drew come on stage chatting


Terry:        So Drew, any plans for Thanksgiving?


Drew:        Just the usual Terry, have some friends and family in, eat too much turkey and yell at the TV when the Bears (use football team of your choice) lose.


Terry:        You figure the Bears are gonna lose?


Drew:        Does Thanksgiving happen on Thursday in these United States?


Terry:        Well, regardless, it will be nice to spend the day with family and friends.


Drew:        You are for sure right on that Terry. . .  Love the Thanksgiving celebration.


they see Mel, cross to Mel


Drew:        Hey Mel, how’s things?


Mel doesn’t look up, just grunts a reply


Terry:        What are you up to today Mel?


same reaction from Mel


Drew:        Terry and me was just talking about what we’re gonna do for Thanksgiving.


Mel, doesn’t look up


Terry:        What about you Mel? . .  Big plans for Thanksgiving?


Mel, annoyed:  Any reason I should have any plans . . big or little?


Terry:        Well most folks they do something on Thanksgiving, maybe have folks in or, like Drew here, watch the Bears lose another football game.


Mel:         Good for them.


Drew, chuckle: You keep this up Mel and I am gonna start thinking something’s wrong.


Mel:         No there is nothing wrong! . .  Can’t figure out why everyone has to be so over the moon about this whole Thanksgiving Day thing!


Terry:        Well why wouldn’t we be thankful? . .  God has been good to us. . . My wife Sue is back from the hospital, starting to feel real good.


Drew:        And I found a great job.


Mel:         And so both of you should be thankful.


Drew:        Nothing in your life you are thankful for Mel?


Mel:         Not one thing.


Drew:        Wow! . .  That’s kinda strange.


Mel:         Call it whatever you want, it is still a fact! . . .


Terry:        How do you figure you have nothing to be thankful for Mel?


Mel:         Look, in church last Sunday Pastor was talking about all of the reasons for being Thankful. . . Marie Westgard for being cancer free. . . Tom and Kim Black for their son coming back home from Afghanistan . . . Tina Wilson for her mother finding a new apartment she could afford.


Drew:        OK but I don’t understand. . . Don’t you think those people should be thankful?


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